BBC extended screen MODEs
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There have been many programs written to give extra modes on the BBC, but they have usually given extra colours, but at the price of losing character resolution. The usual example is a ten character, 16 colour mode. What I wanted was extra colours, without losing character resolution. The programs here give an approximation to RISC OS MODEs 8 to 14 by using characters four pixels wide.
BBC in MODE 8 BBC in MODE 9 BBC in MODE 11 BBC in MODE 12 BBC in MODE 14
80 columns and four colours
40 columns and sixteen colours
BBC in MODE 11
80x25 text with four colours
BBC in MODE 12
40 columns and four colours
BBC in MODE 14
40x25 text with four colours

Mode *MODE command
SWMode  Extended MODEs Sideways ROM
MkFont  Program to create ThinData
Mode/txt  *MODE and SWMode documentation
ModeDemo Extended MODEs demo
YouTube  YouTube video of extended MODEs demo
Mode/src  Source for *MODE command
SWMode/src Source for extended MODEs sideways ROM
ThinSet  Compressed character set
ModeTxt  Original magazine article
MkData Convert data to BASIC program

ThinChars  Thin characters 32-255

Authored by J.G.Harston - Last update: 08-Oct-2016