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Fetching (downloading) an entire internet/web site.

I had uploaded a batch of files to my internet site without keeping track of what was actually on it. As my FTP link was rather slow (standard telephone modem) and I had access to a high-speed HTTP link, I decided that the easiest way to find out exactly what was on my site was to find some software to grab the whole site. After trawling through search engines and tracking down software, this is what I found. I tried to get it working, and these comments are the result.
[{WebGrab} broken link]         Pros: unknown
Cons: Demo version doesn't download enough files to get my entire site. Directories are downloaded as dirname/index.html - there's no way to specify that it should be saved as dirname/index.htm.
[Web Spider(broken link)]         Pros: file extensions can be changed to htm.
Cons: unregistered version claims to only downloads about 10 files. However I couldn't actually get it to download anything.
[Web Copier]         Pros: very configurable
Cons: couldn't get working as it kept on crashing just as soon as I asked it to start downloading.
[SuperHTTP]         Pros: Can drag from a browser? Documentation makes it appear to be exactly what I need.
Cons: need ftp access to get software, so I can't actually test it.
[Teleport Pro]         Pros: unknown, can't get it working.
Cons: appears to need a java engine, which is probably why I can't get it working.
[Copernic]         Pros: unknown, can't find where to download it.
Cons: -
[PageSucker]         Pros: extention mapping completely editable.
Cons: HUGELY slow. Possibly because it's written in Java. As such, it needs a Java interpreter.

Checking (validating) links between pages within a site.

[Xenu]         Pros: fast, compact, configurable, able to scan cookie-authenticated sites.
Is my prefered link checker for Windows. Has been reported to function correctly with wine.

Checking (validating) HTML within web documents.


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