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Date   : Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:19:47 -0000
From   : dllm@... (Dave Moore)
Subject: OT (-ish): Beeb meetup at BYTE BACK? (March 2009,


There have been quite a few attempts to organise BBC meetups on the ML over
the years, so I thought I'd make members aware of the BYTE BACK Classic Gaming
Convention, which takes place the weekend of March 7-8th in Stoke-On-Trent.

I've managed to secure a few tables for "Acorn use", in the smaller/quieter of
the two rooms (well away from the noisy arcade cabs that will be situated in
the main room!).

So far, a broad mixture of BBC gamers, 6502-coders and hardware hackers from
the 'Stairway to Hell' forum have bought tickets and, due to its central
location, I figure the event might also be a good opportunity for mailing list
members to get together and put names to faces etc.

Our current plan is to use tables 1 + 2 to run demonstrations of the latest
Acorn/BBC projects from the retrosoftware.co.uk crew, whilst the third table
will be used to demonstrate various hardware add-ons such as the RAMmagic
upgrade, GoMMC and MMBeeb, the Compact Flash Hard Drive interface and the
ARM7TDMI co-pro. 

There's likely to be plenty of time/space left for the display of other
"homebrew" creations too, so if there are any list members who'd like to bring
(or supply) their own Acorn-related inventions, please get in touch. And who
knows - with enough hardware bods present, the event might turn out to be a
useful springboard for the development of some brand new Beeb upgrades, too?!

Also, I'm sure that attendees would appreciate the chance to see some of the
more esoteric commercial upgrades (M5000's? Domesdays?) so if you have some
really obscure kit that you think would be of interest to visitors, again,
please let me know.

Anyway, to find out more about the event or to buy tickets, please visit the
homepage @ http://www.byte-back.info 

There is currently an "early-bird" offer on tickets (?10 for the weekend)
though this expires in a couple of days (November 30th); after which the price
will rise to ?12. Incidentally, all proceeds from the event will go to

So, hope to see some of you there in March! :)


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