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Date   : Mon, 02 Mar 2009 22:47:19 -0000
From   : bbcmailinglist@... (Ian Wolstenholme)
Subject: OT (-ish): Beeb meetup at BYTE BACK? (March 2009,

I bought four 4-way extensions yesterday and 3 triple adapters to bring along,
as well as 3 new plugs in case anybody brings anything without a plug
(or any fuses go).

Amongst other things I am bringing a BBC B (probably the one with Symbnet
mentioned earlier on if I can get the disc interface working), 2 Cub monitors
and leads, monitor stand, dual 3.5"/5.25" disc drive, 2 ready made sections
of Econet cabling with socket boxes, 4 terminator plugs, plenty of Econet
leads, reel of network cable, a few socket boxes and T-pieces, 8 Master type
Econet modules, 2 SJ Research Clocks, SJ Research Econet bridge, box of ANFS,
DNFS 1.20 and DNFS 1.21 ROMs, probably a couple of dual 5.25" drives and a
selection of "BeebShop" items.

I should be arriving mid-afternoon on Friday.  Do I need a special pass
to get in?

Best wishes,

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Sent: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 21:35:22 -0000
Subject: Re: [BBC-Micro] OT (-ish): Beeb meetup at BYTE BACK? (March 2009,Stoke

> I have now dug out the Domesday and checked it's working - the sound is 
> still dicky but other than that it's fine

Top man!

> and I'll bring the Countryside discs with me too.

Ace - not seen that one before.

> I can't remember if folks asked me to bring anything else...

MDFS!!! ;)

I was given 5 x Model B's with Econet upgrades on Friday (which I'll bring) so
if yourself and Ian W can supply all the required cabling and other bits (plus
any more Econet-enabled Beebs/Masters/Arcs which you might be able to lay your
hands on) we can network everything on the Sunday (when there'll be more
room/less people). If you could also load any MUD games onto the MDFS, that
could be fun too.

I'll also be getting my other "toys" out on the Sunday e.g. Clwyd Technics
Trakker, LVL Snap Camera, Light Guns, Light Pens, Watford Hand Scanner, a Bar
Code Reader, Ikon Tape Drive, Bit-Stik, Watford Video Digitiser & Data Harvest
Video Digitiser etc. Speaking of which, if anybody can bring a small camcorder
with phono-out video socket, this would save me having to lug a VHS or DVD
player for use with the digitisers.

Also, if anybody can find room to bring any of the following, please do:
- multisocket adaptors
- power extension leads <-- we desperately need some of these!
- spare RF leads, Cub leads, 8833 leads (just in case)
- joysticks
- additional Model B's/Masters
- additional disc drives (5.25" or 3.5")
- additional monitors (Cubs/8833s) or portable TVs
- metal plinths for BBC Bs
- any other Acorn oddities which you think may be of interest to visitors.

> So, what about this beer-up we were going to have in the evening?

Well the event runs 11am* - midnight on the Saturday, and as there's a
licensed bar in the *Main Room* (well away from Domesday!) you could have your
beer-up at Bidds should you wish?!

* = venue will be open from 9:00am on the Saturday for people supplying
equipment *only*

As for the Friday, a bunch of us will be at the venue from 3pm - 9pm to set
up, then we'll be heading off to the Weathervane Hotel for food + drinks
(Lysander Road, ST3 7TW). Anyone in Stoke on the Friday is welcome to join


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