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Date   : Fri, 07 Apr 1989 09:30:36 GMT
From   : mcvax!kth!draken!tut!hydra!hylka!jlaiho@uunet.uu.net (Trucker)
Subject: About Vector 4 (Was: Re: INFO-CPM Digest V89)

In article <8904061457.AA12565@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, xd2w@VM.CC.PURDUE.EDU
(Bruce Ide) writes:
> Ok Guys... Who knows about the Vector 4 graphics? I need some info...
As a Vector user I got some info, let's see it now..

> 1) It looks like I have two processors, a Z80 and either an 8080 or
>    an 8088-2, the documentation is unclear which. Can I run IBM stuff
>    with this thing if it is an 8088-2, and what can the 8080 do if that's
>    what I have?
If you had MS-DOS for Vector, you would be able to run some real
generic DOS-stuff on it.

> 2) Does anyone know which processor I have (8088-2 or 8080)?
The processors are Z80B and 8088-2.

> 3) Can I run a Samsung modem off the sieral port? I am trying with a male-
>    male rs232 and it's acting funny. The modem will talk to the computer, but
>    not vice versa. Also, I have a switch that switches pins two and three on
>    the modem, and that doesn't help at all. The modem works fine on an IBM PC
>    even with the hardware modification.
I do have a modem connected to Vector's serial port, and it works just
fine. Try using just pins 2, 3 and 7 at the beginning. (data to both
directions and ground)

> 4) What is the latest version of CP/M I can run with this thing? I have 1.4
>    floating about somewhere, but it's Vector CPM 1.0 right now. Does putting
>    1.4 on my hard disk mean I have to reformat it under 1.4, or can I keep
>    the format as I have it now?
I think you now have Vector CP/M-86 V1.0, haven't you?
CP/M-86 is an CP/M-implementation that runs on 8088 and 8086-processors.
If you have CP/M-86 in your Vector you should also have a CP/M-80
emulator on your disks (RUN8.CMD). The emulator acts as CP/M-80 V2.2, as
far as I know.

> 5) Why do my RAM Boards (North star or nor star 16K) have DIP SWITCHES
on them
>    and what do these dip switches do?
What? Your Vector has RAM expansions in the S-100-bus, not on a
satellite board plugged over the motherboard?

> 6) There is no Number Six.

> 7) If you can tell me what pins on the Serial com port have high and low
>    voltage outputs and all that neat stuff, I'll name my firstborn son or
>    daughter after you...
High and low voltage outputs? Er..?

> Thanks for your patience. I am new to CP/M and hardware hacking in general,
> so this is all rather difficult.
You're welcome.

Juha Laiho
jlaiho@cc.Helsinki.FI  (The Internet)

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