Why a PC is better for work than an Acorn

1. If you make a cock-up and forget to do something, who would believe the excuse "Sorry my Acorn crashed and it took IT Support two hours to fix it."

2. If Acorns were in offices instead of PCs, in the summer they would be far cooler and all the girls would not need to wear skimpy clothing.

3. An IT manager would not be able to justify a large support staff or budget for Acorns and so therefore would have a smaller empire.

4. With an Acorn you would have to start working 30 seconds after sitting down at the desk, with a PC you have several minutes to gather your thoughts first. (And lots of similar moments during the day.)

5. With an Acorn you'd have to use the same computer for 8 - 10 years, with a PC you get a nice new clean one every 18 months.

6. With an Acorn the software is too easy to use to justify going away on a training course and staying at a nice hotel. (And even if you managed to, you would be unlikely to need retraining when the next version comes out.)

7. If you used an Acorn, when a virus goes round the Internet, you would have to keep on working because it wouldn't affect you.

8. If you had an Acorn you would miss out on all those long breaks when the PC is being upgraded or fixed. (You don't even have time for a cup of coffee in the time it takes to install a scanner on an Acorn, but on a PC it's like having an extra lunch break.).

9. An Acorn's 14" monitor gives a very good picture, how would you be able to convince your boss to buy you a nice new 17" monitor?

10. Since Acorn software all fits on floppy disks, office machines would not need CDs, so the boss wouldn't pay for them, so how would you play your music CDs?

11. Who wants to buy British?

12. If bosses realized how fast and easy an Acorn is they would expect you to do more work.

13. Computers are considered to be the realm of experts, let's not derail the gravy train.

14. 500MHz Pentium 2 with 128M RAM 18GB Harddrive and 16MB AGP card sounds far more impressive than 56MHz ARM 7500 with 16M RAM and 500MB Harddrive.

15. You have to learn to use the third mouse button (it was bad enough when Microsoft noticed the second button a few years ago).

16. No solitaire.

17. An Acorn without a hard drive is a possibility, where would you put all the jpegs & mp3s downloaded off the net. (Certainly not on the server with utilities like !Thump being available).

18. If another organization found out your IT support budget and number of IT staff, they would think your organization was terminally under-funded.

19. Less games are available, and you're not forced to buy an Acorn with a 3D graphics accelerator, what would you do in the lunch hour?

20. And if they bought Citrix, Topcat and Terminal Server you'd still have to use Windows. (This would solve some of the above problems though.)

21. IT Support would have so little to do they would end up having to do the photocopying and make the coffee.

22. The Acorn's shutdown command is not in an obvious place (like the Start button).

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