Is there a BBC BASIC for other machines?

BBC BASIC has been implemented on many platforms, starting with the BBC Micro in 1981. So far I know of implentations on seven CPUs on more than 30 platforms. It has also been implemented in portable C that can be compiled on almost any platform with a C compiler. In this part of my site I aim to catalogue, document and make available copies or links to copies of all different implementations of BBC BASIC on all platforms.

BBC BASIC has been written for the 6502, Z80, 80x86, 32016, ARM, PDP11 and 68000 running on Acorn BBC/Electron/Master/Compact, Acorn Master 512, ARM Development System, Archimedes/RISC PC, Acorn Atom, Acorn BBC Z80 CoPro, Acorn CP/M Z80 CoPro, Acorn 32016 CoPro, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad Notebook, Apple Mac, Atari ST, Commadore Amiga, CP/M, Tatung Einstein, Microscribe 600, PC DOS, PC Windows, Research Machines 480Z, Research Machines Nimbus, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sinclair Z88, Tiki, Torch, Unix, Victor Sirius and Wren Executive.

There is a full list of BBC BASICs and links to software at

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