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  • Sideways ROM boards
  • Shadow memory
  • How do I get a BBC to work without a keyboard?
  • What is a second processor and what second processors are there?
  • What configuration of serial cable should I use for modem work?
  • Clean up sound output
  • How do I make a Null modem cable?
  • What are the keyboard DIP switches for?
  • Using mice with the BBC
  • I've changed my Master's battery and it no longer works
  • I've turned on my new Master and nothing happens
  • My Real Time Clock gives garbage, how do I reset it?
  • Is the BBC Y2K compatible?
  • 'Language?' error
  • Can I use hard drives on my BBC or Master?
  • What mass storage is available for the BBC or Master?

    This page last updated 11-Aug-2006