Recent Changes
06-Feb-2001 Newly uploaded RISC-OS DFS systems DFSReader and DFS, CPMFS CPM/M filing system and FTPc FTP client. Z80Basic zipped up and some miscellaneous CP/M files uploaded. Basic Library uploaded, DisksLists updated and some RomImages uploaded. Some other user areas started, most of them currently empty. 16.5M
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18-Jan-2001 Family tree documents at JGH/Docs/FTree. and ZNOS uploaded. 15.4M
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01-Jan-2001 Proper new address, online appropriately enough for 01-01-01, at Redirection currently by an advert-headed frameset, so some of the main links have target="_top" to clear the banner. 'Disk' now changed to 'Mirror', as this is a more appropriate name for it's contents, viz: Mirror/Disk, Mirror/WebSite, etc. Mirrors of websites that were formally on Docs are now in Mirror/WebSite. 14.7M
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09-Dec-2000 New main index page and updates to personal information page. Started work on a list of recommended software. Started to use [square brackets] for external links. BBCZip updated so documentation reflects actual parameters. Updated Archivers index, including references to external sites and updated and rearranged Docs/Comp/Archiving. 14.2M
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28-Nov-2000 Vast majority of web pages now fully HTML4.0 compliant. Spurious <P>s and missing close tags cleared, all images should have the correct ALT tags. All web pages should now have a DOCTYPE header. My very first Notice of Motion to Full Council uploaded. More book covers in stocklist. 12.7M
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28-Oct-2000 Beta version of CPM Zip command 12.5M
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26-Oct-2000 Elected members info updated due to October's by-elections. Docs.Sex directory has world-read access removed. This month's set of Written Questions uploaded. For Sale list includes more pictures, including book covers. Links list updated. 12.5M
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27-Sep-2000 System/FileDBs/MDFSFiles listed the entire site, including files not accessible to 'world' (-??????--- in Unix-speak). Replaced with Web/SiteMap.htm which lists just the files accessible to 'world' (-??????r-- in Unix-speak). 1999 council info now archived as A few Humour files tidied up. Some more humour, including WorkMoney. Old info.htm files removed. Slight changes to index.htm files. 11.4M
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13-Sep-2000 This changes page now a table. Some index pages have descriptive information about their contents. 18.6M
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Earlier changes: 31-Aug-2000
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