Recent Changes
04-Jan-2002 BBCZip now has -i@ option and initial version of ZipDiff written. Uploaded bugfixed version of BFM Archiver. Added missing readme files to Arthur and MyZ80 emulators. Uploaded thesis on Oggin simulator. Updated PKZip documents and some initial notes about BBC URIFetcher. File Format documents back again. Discussions on CPU Architectures. Started writing up my experience of Windows administration, starting with suggestions for setting up networked clients. Initial documents listing parliamentary constituencies uploaded, and some more internet documents. Missing X Files documents uploaded, and some more old comp.os.cpm posts. Sheffield City Council members pages committee places information updated and directory structure corrected. "PDP11" appears in upper case everywhere. BBCBasic pages updated with a link to BasConv. PDP Assembler files moved to their correct place in Software/PDP11. 39.4M
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10-Nov-2001 Some tools to manipulate disk images. Updated BBCZip. Uploaded Red Dwarf scripts and more Red Dwarf documents. Missing files from LeapTrek uploaded. Oggin and BBCBasic datafile format files tidied up and some more 6809 documents. SJ MDFS disk image uploaded. Updated bits in Software. Commented disassemblies and sources of CPM BIOSes, BDOSes, CCPs and host code. Four packages of BBC music programs uploaded. 37.3M
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19-Sep-2001 Tidied up Docs/Comp/BBCBasic files and uploaded Visual Basic code to access BBCBasic data files. More Basic Library routines uploaded, including some graphics routines, along with text (*Execable) versions and documentation. ProgEnv updated to ensure works with lastest BBCBasic for Windows. Default suffix file uploaded. 35.2M
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04-Sep-2001 Read800 and Write800 to copy MDFS floppies to and from disk images. 68Host v0.02 added. Uploaded ModelB emulator due to difficulty finding a download site elsewhere. Z80Tube now distributed with BBCBasic(z80) on bootable CPM disk image and Z80Conv comes with pre-converted image. Some initial 32016 documents. Put together some opcode lists and documentation for 6800, 6809 and 6309, as well as Oggin and PDP11. More datasheets including 16032, 32016, 6809, 6809e, ncs800, pdp-11 and z80. Some Z380 documents and some sample Z80 code. PDP11 assembler and disassembler uploaded and old BBCBasic(11) source code. More notes on BBCBasic for various platforms - 32016, 6502, 80x86, Z80 and PDP11. BootSys now in System/Utils. Sheffield City Council 1996 election results uploaded. Small TV listings demo. Uploaded MDFS boot disk image. 35.4M
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07-Aug-2001 Emulators area tidied up and rearranged into a more logical structure with a descriptive index. BBCZip updated: machine code CRC routines work, -# and -D options available, as well as debugging options -CRCFast and -debug. ManPages correct, but generalised documentation still a mess. New zipfile of Z80Tube including BBCBasic(Z80) for Acorn Z80 CoPro. Both a BBC MOS version and a bootable CP/M disk image with the BBC CP/M distribution. 33.0M
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16-Jul-2001 Google search box added to main index page. Joined Acorn 8bit, RISC OS, 6502 and Z80 webrings, put together some nifty graphics for the 8bit ring. Uploaded some old postings with a DejaNews-style index. Uploaded some university computing science assignments, including a PDP11 Assembler . Updated archiving index and documentation. Added some Tom Lehrer lyrics. 28.4M
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21-Jun-2001 Uploaded a page of information on various text editors available for various platforms. 27.8M
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29-Mar-2001 Some updates to Humour/Animals, Humour/Election and Humour/Language. Docs/Sex reorganised into Docs/Sex/Health and Docs/Sex/Fun with an introdutionary page. MSFleet uploaded to Star Trek Humour. 27.8M
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18-Mar-2001 Various badly-terminated and broken links corrected. Pruned out various empty directories and orphaned pages. Updated Z80Tube. Added Computing documents including CRC calculations, datasheets and sample module code. More Cat and Computing Humour files. Added introdution to Jean-Jacques Perrey and Thomas Crapper. Changes file split into most recent older sections. Some more mirrored files added. Extra documentation for ZNOS uploaded. FixDNFS directory structure corrected. RAW_Asm program and samples relinked. Spectrum HostOS code uploaded. 27.3M
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13-Mar-2001 Main home page more logically structured. Site-wide files moved out of JGH and into site-wide location. Changes page lists most recent changes, earlier changes in other files. Complete mirror of Sheffield LibDems uploaded. Consistancy in embedded links. Files are referenced as path/leafname and directories as path/leafname/. 28.9M
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