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Recent Changes
30-May-2003 Uploaded Bible geneaology. Updated Acorn Atom and BBC Basic documents. Some initial Spectrum Interface 1 programming information and updated Windows Networking documents. Started uploading Spectrum and Z80 circuit diagrams. Added SJ CCP assembly listing. Updated information about internationalising RISC OS applications with ResFind. Added FixADFS and FixDNFS. Updated BBCBasic for the Spectrum and some initial Interface 1 programs. 97.2M
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03-May-2003 Added Ersatz11 PDP Emulator demo and documentation. German language resources added to CPMFS. Uploaded various file servers and password editors. Added latest Acorn FAQ and some Atom documentation. Candidates and results from May 2003 Sheffield City Council elections added. Uploaded source for PDP11 Unix Forth. Put together BBCBasic for the Victor Sirius. Updated documentation on internationalising RISC OS applications with ResFind. Fixed the remaining screenshots of my favoured Spectrum games. Uploaded a bigfixed Spectrum Z80 Exerciser with more upload files. 97.0M
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25-Feb-2003 Added -v1 option to BBCZip to do single-line display. Updated Speculator documents. Z80 emulator files rearranged and .DOC files renamed to .TXT to bypass Internet Explorer's brain-dead type mapping. Z80Tube now 32bit clean, and includes rewritten documentation and a full list of implemented opcodes. Latest Acorn Newsgroups Welcome uploaded. RISC OS 32bit API information uploaded. Some Unix horror stories added. Added comparitive list of Z80 opcodes across different Z80 family CPUs and updated Z80 documents. Added a Unix hierarchy and finally managed to track down the information about pdp11 Unix system calls. Rewritten main pages for 6502, BBC, CPM, PDP11, Spectrum and Z80. Latest versions of BBCBasic for Spectrum and convertor for BBC Tube uploaded. Managed to find some initial files relating to BBCBasic for the Victor Sirius. Added BBC Kermit v1.46 - bugfix of v1.45. 101.2M
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23-Dec-2002 Started putting together RISC OS Internet connection documents for Ant Suite and Socketeer, using Force9 as demonstration examples. Uploaded most of the info-cpm and BBC-Micro archives. Updated 6502, BBC, CPM, RISC OS and Z80 front pages. Uploaded latest version of BBCBasic for the Spectrum, with keyboard layout diagram. Started putting together Kermit pages. Structure of Jet Set Willy pages nearing completion. Uploaded various room editors, including DefRoom. Uploaded various JSW documents, including JGH extensions. Tweeked JSW room map. Updated Spectrum docs, including Spectrum keyboard layout and Spectrum +/+2/+3/128 keyboard layout diagrams. Uploaded some Spectrum games loading screens. Repackaged Colour of Magic snapshots to make available via HTTP for people who don't have FTP access to L-Space. 87.8M
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20-Nov-2002 Reworked main front page. ZipDiff bugfixed to compare directories correctly. Started uploading file system specifications, aka disk image specifications. Joined Spectrum WebRing and Jet Set Willy WebRing, and started putting together full set of Jet Set Willy pages. Reworked a couple of Jet Set Willy room screenshots. Uploaded latest Tube disassemblies and latest HADFS source. Uploaded edited Z80 Excersiser source code, tweeked to assemble with ZMax and MAXAM. Modified to run on a Spectrum giving the ability to test the Z80 implementation of various Spectrum emulators. Latest version of CPMFS uploaded. Initial test mirror upload of BBC Micro Mailing List archive. 74.8M
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29-Aug-2002 Added manual pages for ZipDiff and PKZip help files. Documents on BBC keyboard uploaded and BBC Basic 5 tokens list. Some more file format documents uploaded. Pratchett files tidied up and updated. Put together more information on using Windows on a network. Sheffield councillors' pictures updated for newly elected councillors. Updated ManPages. _RomImages moved to System/ROMs. 57.1M
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29-Jul-2002 Bugfixed Small-C compiler for the BBC and initial development version 0.72. Started writing UK electrical supply installation documents. Uploaded Spectrum Plus D documents and updated Spectrum hardware index. Some more missing X-Files documents uploaded. Uploaded disassembly of Acorn Z80Tube BIOS and various SJ-ZNOS components. 51.7M
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25-May-2002 Some initial technical background on various versions of BBCBasic(Z80). Updated installation instructions for Spectrum version of BBCBasic, and latest version of source code in Spectrum/BBCBasic. Spectrum ROMBox emulator updated. Updated BBCZip with ZipDiff command. Added information about Spec128 to Emulators list. Written documentation on Speculator file formats. New information about lastest version 4.00 of Lunter's Z80 Spectrum emulator. Sheffield City Council members pages updated after the 2002 local elections, and this year's and political control map uploaded. Spectrum file format documents updated with information about Speculator file formats and Spectrum ROMBox. 51.5M
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15-Mar-2002 Updated Spectrum documentation on file formats and hardware. Uploaded documents on the DiSCIPLE disk system and the ROMBox ROM expansion system. Updated the political control maps of Sheffield and the spreadsheet of elected members updated. Election documents formatted better. BBCBasic on the Spectrum now works! Progressed on commented disassembly of Acorn CPM BIOS and Acorn Z80 CoProcessor parasite code. 44.6M
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23-Feb-2002 Updated list of BBCBasic tokens for different versions of BBCBasic, and how tokens are mapped to and from Windows BBCBasic. Documents describing BBC URI Fetcher system. Updated Spectrum I/O map and some Spectrum file format documents. Usual update to Sheffield elected members details. MZX Spectrum emulator patched to load snapshots correctly. Speculator patched to load tape files from any directory and avoid overwriting it's own code. Also uploaded some Speculator file format documentation. Version 4 of Gerton Lunter's Z80 uploaded - it now runs as a Windows multitasking application. Initial upload of some Jet Set Willy software, including patches to increase the number of rooms, a BBC and Spectrum room editor, some room definitions and a screendump map of the whole mansion. Some updates to BBCBasic documents, including upload of initial version of BBCBasic for the Spectrum. 44.6M
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Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 14-Jun-2003