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Recent Changes
24-Jul-2004 176M of maps moved to a different server. Updated Archiver and BBCZip. Uploaded BBC fonts and character editors. Uploaded converted and assembled BBCTCP TCP over Econet for BBCs. Started writing an analysis of the balance of the 2004 Sheffield city council election. Tweeked the structure around BBC and Spectrum hardware info. Initial patch for ADFS to access IDE devices. Initial information on ADFS's default SCSI system. Tweeked circuit diagram for Spectrum backplane system. Updated disk images for Teletext Editor, Music Disk 1, Music Disk 2 and BBC Fonts and Character Editor as well as disk images and zipfiles of HADFS System. 136.5M
26955 files
30-Jun-2004 Patch for Warm Silence's 6502Em to allow access to emulated hardware via emulated hardware service call. Updated HADFS manual and source files. Started compiling a list of RISC OS service calls. Updated Sheffield Elections documents with this year's candidates and results lists, and produced this year's map of political control of Sheffield. Updated ADFS disassembly and commentary on the hard drive routines. Almost finished patching ADFS 1.50 to access IDE devices instead of SCSI. Initial emulated IDE device and byte-wide RAM card for RISC OS emulators. 176M of maps uploaded, but they need a better home. 312.7M
26983 files
14-Apr-2004 Finished Jet Set Willy commented source code and disassembly. Uploaded more Jet Set Willy documents including lists of Guardians and Sprites as well as an initial list of JSW terminology or "Nomen Clature" to use Andrew Broad's phrase. Added images of the Sprites in the original Jet Set Willy, as well as the versions used in the JGH version and some designed by Greg Heslington. Created a new Jet Set Willy index page with images and links to the JSW Remakes site. Uploaded updated version of Andrew Broad's Jet Set Willy Construction Kit. Added some extra information on accessing extra rooms. 153.4M
26997 files
04-Apr-2004 New error page. Updated BBC IDE interface details. Uploaded pictures of the Torch Network computer. Wrote up documentation on my Spectrum backplane system, including pictures and circuit diagrams, along with more information on Spectrum add-on hardware that I have built. Updated information on BBC BASIC. Uploaded Jet Set Willy room specification, updated to include Geoff mode and jsw128 extensions. Also uploaded list of default JSW sprites and guardians. Wrote up new JSW pause bugfix. Got about 40% into commenting the JSW48 game engine source code and disassembly. Uploaded new Jet Set Willy snapshots and tapefiles with the new pause bugfix and the room sprite option. Rewrote the JSW links page. Uploaded emulated Centronics printer plug-in for RISC OS Spectrum emulators. 147.2M
26955 files
27-Feb-2004 Found and uploaded Sainty's BBCUNZIP code. Rewrote Emulators main page, with images representing each platform and each platform having a seperate page. Updated Speculator reads standard .TAP tapefiles. Uploaded various printing applications - keyboard layouts, function keystrips, labeller, printer drivers and tape inlays. Started updating HADFS manual. Added SprowRAMFS handles to BBC.Handles. RHE Picture Digitise call &45 added to Osword List and details. Uploaded raw disk image format document. Started writing and uploaded external BBC I/O address map and hardware I/O documentation. Uploaded draft specification of RISC OS emulation of external BBC hardware. Updated RISC OS Choices information, and uploaded 32-bit clean *X command. Created a mirror of the old-format Spectrum FAQ keeping all the entries removed from the WOS FAQ. Tweeked the layout and added to the RISC OS emulators information. Updated Spectrum file format and hardware documents. Started uploading Interface 1 ROMs and technical reference documents. Uploaded specification for emulating external Spectrum hardware on RISC OS. Started uploading pictures and circuits diagrams of various BBC hardware I've designed and built, including LCD and MIDI interfaces. Started prototyping an IDE interface for the BBC. Uploaded pictures of the BBC Reuters board, and the Torch Hard Drive system. Uploaded incomplete commented disassembly of ADFS 1.50. Updated some BBC BASIC documents. Tidied up Command Source files. Uploaded ROM image source to redirect Acorn CP/M drive access to disk image files, allowing CP/M to run from a hard drive or network server. Uploaded updated HADFS with byte-wide RAM card driver. Updated Jet Set Willy documents including code and memory layout. Updated list of Jet Set Willy game editors, and fixed a couple of bugs in DefRoom. Updated JGH documents on Jet Set Willy, including commented disassembly of the JSW48 game engine, and patches for correct pause bugfix, safe game exit and alternative teleport code. Uploaded some documents comparing coding for different CPUs. Updated technical documents on BBC BASIC for the Spectrum and latest version of BBC BASIC. Updated documents on JGH Spectrum ROM, and initial version 0.07 ROM. Started uploading source and code for various microdrive programs, including modified HiSoft extended catalogue. Updated Z80 exerciser program for CP/M and Spectrum. 125.7M
17898 files
06-Dec-2003 Added missing ZMac page. 122.3M
17055 files
05-Nov-2003 Added CP/M Osbyte 63 to Osbyte List and details. Added TubeLink Osword &20 and &21 to Osword List and details. Uploaded Spectrum keyboard layout with JGH line editor. Started writing document on John Varley. Uploaded Torch system disassemblies, ROMs and information. Added some ANSI code information, SerFix to fix double-NULL bug on Master Compact MOS 5.00 and information about Kermit 1.46 for the BBC. Updated a few Jet Set Willy documents. Minor bugfix to Jet Set Willy DefRoom. Recovered and rewrote source for JGH Spectrum ROM and started work on updated version. Started uploading some Spectrum machine code utilties, starting with a modified version of HiSoft's extended catalogue code and Andrew Pennell's Rename program. Uploaded documentation on using Interface 1 Hook codes. 122.3M
17053 files
13-Sep-2003 Tweeked source for Z80 Emulator in C, wrote console interface for Windows and ensured successful compilation. Started cataloguing and uploading photograph archive. Uploaded initial RISC OS Boot files. 118.9M
16890 files
20-Aug-2003 Reordered and updated BBC BASIC section. Newly-uploaded BBC BASIC for Einstein, Torch, ARM Development Kit, 32016 CoProcessor, Victor Sirius and RMNimbus. Took me ages to get hold of Sirius BASIC! Updated information on BBC BASIC (Z80), Brandy Basic and Apple Macintosh. 118.9M
16890 files
27-Jun-2003 Uploaded some more Spectrum snapshots. Updated password file editor documents uploaded. Some Acorn Atom technical documents added. Tweeked some items on Windows Networking. Added some notes on Apache server configuration. Uploaded updated disk images of JGH PD disks. Finally managed to track down BBC BASIC for Victor Sirius! Missing bug-fixed Kermit 1.46 uploaded. BBC BASIC for Spectrum version 0.30 uploaded as well as some more Spectrum screenshots. Rearranged Teletext area and uploaded ABZ Teletext Suite and SJ Teletext Server. Uploaded HexEdit and HexTool for DOS/Windows. 117.4M
16783 files
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Authored by J.G.Harston - Last update: 24-Jul-2004