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16-Mar-2006 Tweeked Grass Gobbler uploaded, and Dawkins' Biomorphs. Command line interface added to BasConv. Added PanaMax CNC control calls to OSBYTE list Updated BBC I/O ports information. Added ADFS to disk format information. Created images of Spectrum block graphics for Spectrum character set. Started sorting documentation on LCDs. Started documentation on using a Mouse with a BBC. Added picture of Spectrum Sega keyboard. Added images representing different BBC BASIC platforms and updated Jet Set Willy images. Uploaded maps of Jet Set Willy 1 and Jet Set Willy II Uploaded 32016 Pandora ROMs and added information about 6809 CoProcessors. Tweeked source code for Tube host code and PDP11 and Z80 Tube client code. 245.9M
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28-Jan-2006 Workaround in BBCZip for bug in raFS. PDP-11 emulator implements all opcodes, runs on BBC, RISC OS, Z80, 8086 and Windows. BasConv uses file type &1C7 for Russell-format BBC BASIC. Uploaded a copy of FileCoreFS as it is difficult to find. DefChar selects BBC font when running on Windows. Code to calculate Ordnance Survey GB Grid Reference coordinates uploaded. MDFS utilities uploaded. HADFS Manual updated for 32-bit disks. Filetypes updated with PDP-11, 32016 and Basic8 filetypes. Added some more documents to BBC FAQ. Uploaded lists of hardware I/O address allocations in FRED, JIM and SHEILA. Added SCSI command list, Acorn SCSI ports and Torch SCSI ports. Documents on disk access calls OSWORD &72 and OSWRD &7F. Updated BBC BASIC token mapping list. Uploaded lists of keyboard key mapping. Started lists of RISC OS Service call blocks and service calls, SWI blocks and SWI calls, and file types. Updated electrical supply information with notes on new wiring colours. Recovered missing Red Dwarf season three scripts. Put together maps of Sheffield's boundaries over time and updated electoral maps. Wrote an investigation on where the Seven Hills of Sheffield are. Uploaded information on BBC border colour module. Updated IDE drive data. Tweeked 8-bit IDE PCB to add 'test' link to allow remapping to copy from SCSI to IDE drives. Updated HDInit to correctly format drives for the first time Added better pictures of LCD and interface and corrected circuit diagram and better pictures of BBC MIDI interface. Added a picture of a Master Compact with internal floppy drive. Added using spare memory on 6502 coprocessor when using BASIC at &8000. Uploaded pictures of 32K EPROMS used in a BBC B. Bug-fixed BBC JSW uploaded with fixed Watch Tower and no longer crashes on a networked computer. A bit more work on PDP-11 BBC BASIC. BBC BASIC for the Spectrum now works out itself what ROMs are available. Uploaded Master MOS 3.50 Tube sideways ROM relocator Added documentation on Windows console library, BBC BASIC programming library and keyboard library. 245.9M
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01-Sep-2005 Major site-wide change: no longer fetches a frameset poining to the site contents, it fetches the actual content. Consequently, the breadcrumb trail on index pages no longer has a link to refetch the current page without frames, and is displayed in bold as per accessibility recommendations. 222.3M
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28-Aug-2005 Added links to FUSE links to Spectrum emulators page. Added images of Tube emulators. Uploaded updated development version of PDP-11 Tube emulator. Added information about RISC OS RomFS Corrected a couple of errors in PDP11 OpList. Rewrote badly translated divIDE instructions and added latest version of Spectrum SE documentation. Added pictures of BBC IDE drive being mounted in an external case. Wrote Spectrum programming tips on full screen line editor, calling tape routines without BREAK and using tape routines as OPENIN and OPENOUT. Uploaded quick DFS format type-in code. Added images to BBC BASIC main page and updated BBC BASIC names page. Added brief information on BBC BASIC on the Tiki computer. Added BASIC V BASIC 128 for the BBC. Updated links to Brandy BASIC page. Added images to main BBC BASIC page. Documented wall quirk in Jet Wet Willy and added it to the commented assembly. Put together fuller instructions for BBC BASIC for the Spectrum. Done a little more work on PDP11 BBC BASIC and added more opcodes to the PDP11 assembler. Updated Spectrum microdrive tools. Major update to BBC BASIC for the Spectrum, will run from any sideways ROM or RAM bank and uses shadow screen memory on Timex and Spectrum SE. Uploaded Tube protocol, disassemblies of Tube host code for BBC and Master. Uploaded Tube client code disassemblies for 6502 and client source code for PDP-11 and Z80 serial port. Fixed a small bug in PDP11 disassembler. 222.3M
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08-Jul-2005 Uploaded some assembler routines, including 6502 square root code. Started work on a BBC emulators list as an initial part of a BBC FAQ. Uploaded specification of DFS, WDFS and HDFS filesystem structure. Tidied Spectrum technical FAQ into subdirectories. Dug out Greg's and my old Z80 wishlist. Updated Dr Who program list. Some updates to Sheffield election and members data. Written a comparison on BBC hard drive options, and data on IDE drives for use with the BBC IDE interface. Updated construction and usage documents for 16-bit and 8-bit IDE interfaces and uploaded updated HDInit and ADFS IDE programs. Converted John Simpson's BBC monitor connection guide to HTML. Regenerated thumbnails of pictures of various BBC hardware and added a picture of the original Acorn SASI/SCSI hard drive. Some initial information on Sheffield's tram network. Demo version of new SheafKnot website. Updated make system for BBC BASIC for Windows. Minor bugfix to Small-C v0.72 and major update to make Small-C v0.73 ISO/ANSI compliant and to add a full BBC I/O library. [196.3M]
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31-Mar-2005 Added Amiga, MacOS and more UNIX systems to HostVals. Updated BBC OS 1.20 disassembly. Uploaded initial list of IDE and SCSI commands. Added new episodes to Dr Who programme list. Started putting together list of Sheffield General Election Candidates. Added to ADFS 1.50 disassembly. Slight change to 8-bit IDE interface and PCB design uploaded. Updated ADFS IDE patch doesn't wait for spin-up on power-on. Started developing a make system for BBC BASIC for Windows and started putting together some programming tips. Added some more BBC BASIC library routines. 196.3M
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20-Feb-2005 Default general index pages now have 'bread-crumb' trail and search link. Updated FREDAddrs and IDEPorts I/O maps. Started work on an index of RISC OS Service Blocks, and Service Numbers and SWI Blocks. Updated Electrical Supply documents to use new unified cable colours. Added a picture of my full Pratchett shelf. Finished Duckman Episode 2 script. Started writing notes for BBC 16-bit IDE card. Found and uploaded 40x4 LCD datasheets and notes on interfacing to the BBC. Added new images to Jet Set Willy front page and added latest versions of JSW Editors. 195.3M
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31-Dec-2004 Uploaded Gobbler and Life in Automata area. Updated HADFS Filer to recognise large disks and large directories. Uploaded updated version of Alan Blundell's SpellCheck system and View Professional Y2K patch. Added Windows information to lists of Acorn system host values. Uploaded SJ Research MDFS disk file system layout. Added specifications for a theoretical hardware 40-column screen for the Sinclair Spectrum. Added Service_Z80Page to Spectrum emulated I/O specification. Started a comparison list of alternative ROMs for the Spectrum and initial overview of Spectrum ROM bugs. Some initial thoughts on domain names within Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Calculated Sheffield Election Results over the past years if those elections had been held using Proportional Representation in each ward. Typed up some more Duckman scripts. Updated some Unix information. Added some more commentary to ADFS disassembly. Uploaded some GoMMC information including GoMMC editor. Updated IDE interface information and uploaded working ADFS patch to access IDE drives. Started writing up various Spectrum programming tips Updated emulated IDE interface to recognise CHS addressing. MicroScribe's website no longer has information on the Z180-based notepad which ran BBC BASIC. Started writing a replacement set of information. Added a few .MDR Spectrum microdrive image file tools. Updated JGHROM for the ZX Spectrum including some of Geoff Wearmouth's fixes, tidying up channel "C", machine code running and leading zeros on hex printout. 168.1M
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10-Sep-2004 Added summary of the Boundary Commission's provisional proposals for constituency boundaries in Sheffield and updated my draft options. 155.7M
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06-Sep-2004 Finished uploading full info-cpm archives. Patch for WSS's 6502Em fixes disk access and adds extra OSFILE calls. Added replacement VirtualDFS for 6502Em. HADFS Filer can access dsd as well as ssd images, and can also access double-spaces images. Some updates to HADFS manual. Added Springboard and Brazil information to lists of Acorn system host values and OSWORD calls. Added Acorn Atom keyboard layout. Added GoMMC OSWORD call information. Started adding some geographical information about Rockall and Sealand. Started typing up Duckman scripts. Updated list of webrings that mdfs is a member of. Updated ADFS patche to ADFS to allow access to IDE drives, as well as preserving context over Ctrl-Break Started tidying up main CP/M page, having joined the CP/M webring. Tidied up JGHCCP and added SETCCP.COM command to write a replacement CCP to Acorn CPM disk system tracks. HADFS updated to prepare for 4GB disk support, and GoMMC drivers added to HADFS Support ROM. Updated JGHROM for the ZX Spectrum. Started major tidy-up of ROMs area. Started developing some GoMMC tools. 142.9M
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