Whitby Census and Register transcripts
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Before the setting up of Civil Registration in 1837 census returns were just a headcount, and no information on individuals was recorded. After 1837 census information was collected in units of Civil Parishes. The area of the current Whitby Town Council and the previous Whitby Urban District was comprised of three Civil Parishes before they were merged into one in 1925. Consequently, Census returns for Whitby are enumerated in three or four seperate parish returns, Whitby, Ruswarp, Hawsker (later Helredale) and Aislaby.

Whitby Parish encompassed each side of the river, Ruswarp Parish stretched westwards from Silver Street and south from Victoria Square, and Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre Parish covered the East Cliff and Spital Bridge as well as Stainsacre and Hawsker. After 1894 the part of Hawsker within Whitby Urban District seperated off as Helredale Parish. In 1925 all three Whitby parishes were merged into Whitby Urban District, and in 1932 another small part of Hawsker was added to form the modern Whitby Town Council area.

YearCensus TranscriptsParishes includedStatus
1861 Whitby1861.csv Whitby1861.rtf Whitby1861.txt WhitbyRuswarpHawskerAislabycomplete, being checked.
1871 Whitby1871.csv small sample
1881 Whitby1881.csv  Whitby1881.rtf  Whitby1881.txt  WhitbyRuswarpabout 80% completed.
1891  Whitby1891.csv  Whitby1891.rtf  Whitby1891.txt  WhitbyRuswarpHawskerclose to complete.
1901 Whitby1901.csv Whitby1901.rtf Whitby1901.txt WhitbyRuswarpHawskercomplete, being checked.
1911 Whitby1911.csv Whitby1911.rtf Whitby1911.txt WhitbyRuswarpHelredalecomplete, being checked.
1921 Whitby1921.csv Whitby1921.rtf Whitby1921.txt Kelly's Street Directory.partial
Street Directories:
1913 Kelly1913.csv Kelly1913.txt Kelly's Street Directory.complete
1921 Kelly1921.csv Kelly's Street Directory.partial
1925 Kelly1925.csv Kelly1925.txt Kelly's Street Directory.partial
1937 Kelly1937.csv Kelly1937.txt Kelly's Street Directory.complete
Residents/Electoral registers:
1941 Whitby1939.csv Whitby1939.rtf Whitbyabout 50% completed.
1951 Whitby1951.csv Whitby1951.rtf Whitbycomplete.
1971 Whitby1971.csv Whitby1971.rtf Whitbyabout 25% completed.

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