Whitby 1951 Census transcripts
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Whitby1951.csv 605K  CSV file, Whitby 1951 census, created from family history information and 1950-51 electoral register.
   Data derived from the electoral register, so no entries for children, no ages,
no occupations, etc.
  • UU: Whitby South (Flowergate/Baxtergate area)
  • VV: Whitby East (Green Lane to Henrietta Street)
  • VV: Helredale (Spital Bridge to Eskdale School)
  • WW: Fishburn Park (Bagdale/Prospect Hill/River Esk)
  • XX: Ruswarp not yet done
  • YY: Whitby West Cliff (West Cliff, Stakesby)
  • ZZ: Whitby West (Between Skinner Street and Pier Road)

  • 1941 Authored by J.G.Harston
    Last update: 22-Mar-2017