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Border colour moduleThis is a small module the provides a programmable border colour on the BBC computer. It is a small board that plugs into the Video ULA socket and the Video ULA plugs into the module.

The flying lead taps into A1 mapping the border colour register to write-only location &FE22. b0-b2 are written with the RGB colour.

I haven't tried the module since I packed it away when moving back home from Watford in 1991.
cdv1a.gif  36K Version 1 circuit diagram
cdv1b.gif  22K Version 1 circuit diagram
timing1.gif  30K Version 1 timing notes
wdv1.gif  78K Version 1 wiring diagram
wdv1a.gif  187K Version 1 wiring diagram notes
cdv2.gif  46K Version 2 circuit diagram
timing2.gif  19K Version 2 timing notes
timing3.gif  30K Version 3 timing notes
notes1.gif  19K Notes
notes2.gif  53K Notes
notes3.gif  261K Notes
notes4.gif  329K Notes

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