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Chameleon 12-bit palette extension  chameleon/gif
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Mike Cook Chamelion colour board, Micro User Feb 1990.
Palettemate 12-bit palette extension  link to StarDot   Being developed by RobC on StarDot.
Border colour module Border   A small module that plugs into the Video ULA socket and provides a programmable border colour at location &FE22. b0-b2 are written with the 3-bit RGB colour, written as %00000bgr.
VDU19 extension vdu19.src vdu19.txt API notes
Source code to extend VDU 19 to program the Chamelion or Palettemate to select 12-bit RGB colours, and to select border colours.
Non-complementary flashing colours  flash
  Short program to demonstrate flashing colours between any two colours (eg blue/green, black/red, etc), not just between complementary colours (eg blue/yellow, black/white, etc.).
Source code to create VDU 19 extension to implement VDU 19,l,32+n,0,0,0 and VDU 19,l,48+n,0,0,0 to set flash colours independently.
Millipede Prisma      Advanced video extension system.
Extended BBC screen MODEs  NewModes   Extended screen MODEs for BBC/Master. MODEs 8-14 with twice the colour depth of MODEs 0-6.

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