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Chameleon 12-bit palette extension  chameleon/gif
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Chameleon colour board, Mike Cook's version of the Clwyd Palette Extender, Micro User Feb 1990.
Palette demo on programs disk updated to also program the VideoNuLA or use native VDU 19 calls.
VideoNuLA 12-bit palette extension  StarDot thread
  Rob Coleman's VideoNuLA replacement Video ULA provides a 12-bit palette in a similar manner to the WildVision PaletteMate, and also provides extended screen MODEs.
Border colour module Border   A small module that plugs into the Video ULA socket and provides a programmable border colour at location &FE22. b0-b2 are written with the 3-bit RGB colour, written as %00000bgr.
VDU19 API vdu19.txt   VDU19 API specification. Any code to provide extensions to VDU19 must follow this API.
VDU19 extension vdu19.src   Source code to extend VDU 19 to program the Chameleon or VideoNuLA to select 12-bit RGB colours, and to select border colours.
LDPIC, SVPIC, RGBEDIT Graphics   Updated Acorn User LDPIC that supports 12-bit palette, and tool to edit palette files and 12-bit palette in a LDPIC file.
  PCHANGE   Palette change demo program, selects between programming the palette with native VDU 19 calls, Chameleon and VideoNuLA.
Non-complementary flashing colours  flash
  Short program to demonstrate flashing colours between any two colours (eg blue/green, black/red, etc), not just between complementary colours (eg blue/yellow, black/white, etc.).
Source code to create VDU 19 extension to implement VDU 19,l,32+n,0,0,0 and VDU 19,l,48+n,0,0,0 to set flash colours independently.
Extended BBC screen MODEs  NewModes   Extended screen MODEs for BBC/Master. MODEs 8-14 with twice the colour depth of MODEs 0-6.
Millipede Prisma      Advanced video extension system.

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Last update: 10-Jul-2017