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IDE Interface

IDE Hard Drive Interface

8bit/cdv4.gif  89K 8-bit IDE interface circuit diagram
8bit/pics/proto1.jpg  12K Picture of the 8-bit interface
16bit/cdv2.pdf  41K 16-bit interface circuit diagram
16bit/pics/pcb1.jpg  6K Picture of the full 16-bit interface

MIDI Interface

MIDI Interface

jgh.gif  74K Circuit diagram
jgh1.jpg  74K Picture of the MIDI interface
jgh2.jpg  101K Picture of the MIDI interface
MIDI.txt  3K *MIDI command documentation
MIDI.zip  1K *MIDI command, load=&FFFF0900, exec=&FFFF0937


LCD Display Interface

A few bits and pieces here, here and some pictures and documentation.

Border Colour interface

Border Colour Module

cdv2.gif  46K Circuit diagram
Module.jpg  95K Picture of the border module

BBC Mouse

Connecting a Mouse

Mouse.zip  4K Mouse driver software.
MouseTest  2K BASIC mouse test program.
MouseLib  1K BASIC mouse interface library.
pics  95K Pictures of mice and connectors


BBC BBC resources
Hardware BBC I/O hardware addresses
FREDAddrs FRED &FC00-&FCFF I/O addresses
JIMAddrs JIM &FD00-&FDFF I/O addresses
SHEILAddrs SHEILA &FE00-&FEFF I/O addresses
EmulatedIO Emulating external hardware on RISC OS BBC emulators.
Circuits Circuit diagrams.
HardDrive Hard Drive interface options for BBCs and Masters.
SCSI Schematics for Acorn SCSI hard drive interface.
SROMs Sideways ROMs add-ons.
Monitor Connecting monitors to BBCs and Masters.
GoMMC GoMMC tools.
Keyboard Keyboard information.
BeebEx.gif BeebEx backplane.
EuroBeeb EuroBeeb rack mounted systems.
pics Some pictures

Links to other site

Sprow An impressive collection of hardware projects, including interfaces for a barcode scanner, LCD display, 24bit RAM card, 2nd serial port, PS/2 keyboard and MiniB - a BBC the size of a disk drive.
John Kortink GoMMC RAMcard storage for BBCs and Masters, ReCo6502 65186 coprocessor.

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