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16-bit PCB
16-Bit BBC IDE interface
The 16-bit IDE interface allows full 16-bit access to drives. The PCB has 1MHz bus terminators and a through connector. All BBC filing systems use 8-bit sectors, so only half of the actual drive space is usable without using specialised software. If you want to experiment with accessing DOS-formatted drives or CD-ROMs you will need a 16-bit interface.

Robert Sprowson designed the 16-bit interface and PCB.

There are a couple of errors on the PCB, so the assembly instructions include instructions to modify the PCB. The PCB is too compact for my soldering skills to sucessfully assemble them (I've ruined three so far!), so I only supply the bare PCB. Thanks to Robert Sprowson, the surface-mount diode comes ready fitted.

build  3K 16-bit PCB Assembly and usage instructions (Text)
usage.doc  30K IDE interface usage instructions (MSWord).
layout.gif  25K 16-bit PCB component layout
layout.pdf  31K 16-bit PCB component layout
cdv2r1.gif  122K corrected 16-bit interface circuit diagram
cdv2.pdf  41K uncorrected 16-bit interface circuit diagram
HDInit  12K HDInit for ADFS and HADFS
ADFS1-53  16K ADFS 1.53 for BBC Master
HADFS    HADFS for BBC or Master
pics    Pictures of the 16-bit IDE interface

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