Assembling a boxed IDE drive

box2.jpg 55K
Components: IDE drive, IDE card, IDE lead, 1MHz lead, power lead, case (Maplin ML47B), four sticky feet (eg Wilkinson's).

box2.jpg 55K
Drill holes in side panels to match drive screw holes, the left panel to match the left of the drive, the right panel to match the right of the drive. Cut a notch 5mm deep on the back edge of the bottom of the case. The bottom of the case is the half that the fixing screws pass through.

box3.jpg 50K
Plug the IDE cable into the drive. Insert the two plastic extension pillars in the left side of the drive

box4.jpg 47K
Plug IDE cable into IDE card. Fold IDE cable under IDE card. Place insulating sheet between IDE card and IDE cable. Attach card to drive with mounting screws with spacers underneath the IDE card and insulating sheet. Plug 1MHz cable into IDE card.

box5.jpg 49K
Plug power cable into drive and IDE card. Place drive and card assembly in lower half of case. Screw right-hand panel directly to drive and slot the panel into the lower grooves.

box6.jpg 47K
Screw left side panel to plastic extension pillars and slot side panel into lower grooves.

box7.jpg 48K
Place lid on top. Carefully turn whole case upside down and screw case together from bottom. Stick rubber feet on. Turn drive back the right way up.

Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 15-Dec-2005