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These are some pictures of an EPSON EA-Y40040AT (PN-A0019) 40x4 character LCD display I bought from a surplus electronics supplier in 1991 - I think it was Greenweld. I believe it uses two Hitachi HD44780 clones, EPSON's SED1300.
pic1.jpg 73K pic2.jpg 64K
LCD and 1MHz interface Close-up of the LCD

It was easy to interface to the BBC. I just needed a few NOT gates to toggle some select lines. The rest just connected straight to the 1MHz bus and to the +5v connector on the analogue port.

Unfortunately, I have't been able to get it working recently.

This is the information that came with it:

Notes on connecting to a BBC:

I managed to find the following datasheets relevant to 40x4 LCDs:

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