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6502  6502 programming tips.
Swapping BASIC program and variables to use extra memory on the 6502 CoProcessor, demostrating the use of the BLib.HiBASIC library. Originally in 8BS issue 54.
DropPAGE.txt  Dropping PAGE to increase BASIC memory.
Stamp.txt  Setting an object's filing system creation and modification date and time.
PrFileDate  6502 code to print file datestamp
Comparison of various prime number algorithms. Originally in 8BS issue 54.
VersDisp.txt  Display program version on startup.
Detokenising BBC BASIC tokens.
BBCBasic/ProgTips  BBC BASIC programming tips.
6502/ProgTips  6502 programming tips.
CMOSLdSv  Load and Save CMOS configuration settings from BASIC.

Any of this code can be used in your own programs. If you use it in a commercial product, please acknowledge the source in the documentation.

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