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BBC.jpg 21K
Acorn BBC Model B

Master.jpg 21K
Acorn BBC Master

CompactFD.jpg 5K
Master Compact with internal floppy drive

TorchHD.jpg 56K
Torch Hard Drive System

Torch.jpg 58K
Torch Network Computer

Sockets.jpg 87K
Torch network computer sockets

Reuters.jpg 78K
Reuters Terminal

proto1.jpg 12K
Prototype IDE card

drive1.jpg 4K
IDE Interface and hard drive

Pictures of 8-bit IDE interface

Pictures of 16-bit IDE interface

Assembling a boxed IDE drive

jgh1.jpg 53K
MIDI Interface

jgh2.jpg 50K
MIDI Interface

pic1.jpg 72K
LCD Interface

pic2.jpg 42K
LCD Interface

GoMMC [John Kortink]

pic1.jpg 60K
Acorn SCSI Hard Drive

32K/pcbs.jpg 45K
32K ROM plugged into a BBC B

32K/roms.jpg 14K
32K ROM and carrier board

mdfs.jpg 44K
My main SJ MDFS Server

Restore.jpg 47K
Copying the main drive to a replacement when the main drive started dying

Module.jpg 95K
Border colour module

Twin35.jpg 56K
Twin 3.5" disk drives

Multi.jpg 75K
Combination switchable 5.25" 3.5" and 3" drives

Econet networking hardware

Group.jpg 61K
Three-button mice suitable for using with BBCs and Masters

Leads.jpg 57K
Leads to plug mice with 9-D Compact plug into BBC or Master

InUse.jpg 77K
Mouse plugged into a BBC Master

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