pdp11 PDP11 Programming tips and code fragments
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Arithmetic  Some arthmetic code
MulDiv32  32-bit multiply and divide
Calculating day of week
Day of Week BASIC source and test code
PrDecimal  Printing small numbers in decimal
Calculate integer Square Root
Integer Square Root BASIC source and test code
Debug Various debug subroutines.
CRC16  Calculating CRC-16 for XMODEM and Acorn CFS/RFS.
CRC32  Calculating CRC-32 for ZIP files.
UnixRT  Creating a combined RT-11/Unix runtime binary.
PDP11  PDP-11 documentation
RT11  RT-11 documentation
Unix  Unix documentation
Calling Unix system calls
System  Calling exec() to execute a file
ClaimMem  Calling brk() to claim memory
Programs and tools
Assembler  BBC BASIC PDP11 assembler
DisAssem  BBC BASIC PDP11 disassembler
BBCBasic  BBC BASIC for the PDP11

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