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device.htm Specifying devices in filenames, eg 1:Program for microdrive and T:Data for tape.
detect.htm Detecting Interface 1 presence.
input.htm Using INPUT anywhere on the screen, leaving the input text visible.
tape.htm Calling tape routines without BREAK generating an error.
tapeio.htm Respecifying tape routines as file input and output routines.
editor.htm Line editor with copy cursor and text cursor movement.
linerun.htm Calling BASIC from machine code.
Printout Fast printout routines without using the ROM printout calls. *NEW*
Coding Short coding tips. *NEW*
Z80/ProgTips Z80 programming tips.
Most of these code fragments are extracted from Spectrum programs I have written. Some of these are available unsorted here.

Any of this code can be used in your own programs. If you use it in a commercial product, please acknowledge the source in the documentation.

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