Walk to High Stones
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In July 2008 I finally managed to get to see High Stones, the highest point in Sheffield at 548m above sea level. Quite a nice, if strenuous, walk.  
I caught the 273 bus from Broomhill at 11:17. £3.70 return to Derwent Fairholmes at the top of Ladybower Reservoir. A ten-minute wait for the number 222 bus at 12:12 up to King's Top, 270m above sea level, at the top of Howden Reservoir - only 55p! From there a short walk to Slippery Stones and the old packhorse bridge crossing into Sheffield.
From there a steep climb up Bull Clough to Margery Hill in the distance here.
It took 90 minutes to get to the top, I made it to the triangulation point.
Because of the pillar, it is marked on the 1:50,000 map, and people think it is Sheffield's highest point. However, off in the distance is our destination, High Stones.
The top of the moors is very flat and soggy, so it took another half hour to get across. You need a good sense of direction, or a compass or a watch and sight of the sun, but finally, here is High Stones, and proof that I got there. With the two-foot cairn, it's 1800ft above sea level! A 278m climb from King's Top, arriving at 2:00pm. You get a great mobile phone signal there :)
After sandwiches at the top of the world, a gentle stoll down the other side of the hill takes you back to Derwent and crosses back into Derbyshire. The waterside road takes you back to the 273 bus stop, decending 338m down to 210m above sea level, arriving at Fairholmes car park at 3:30. Just time for a cup of tea before catching the 3:47 number 273 bus back to Broomhill.
Just over 12km walk (7 miles), with about 1km of strenuous climbing. I well recommend it. Map here.

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