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From: Paul Shayler (
Subject: Re: Information Needed: Origins of BBC Basic
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Newsgroups: comp.sys.acorn.misc
Date: 2000/04/05
In article <>, Edward Avis
<> wrote:
> "David J. Ruck" <> writes:
> [from Archimedes BASIC manual:]
> >>It was certainly the fastest
> >>interpreted BASIC in the world.
> > 
> >I certainly like that last bit!
> My copy of the manual says 'is' instead of 'was'.  Funny how times
> change :-(
Thats interesting in a slightly off topic way. Long, long ago in a
distant galaxy I had a an Atari ST. This was supplied with a BASIC
interpreter, which was "basic" and usefull, but by no means the best.
Various companies started to bring out faster interpreters and also
compilers. At one time fastest interpreter was called "Fast BASIC"
and was supplied on cartridge or floppy with a run time prog. Well
I hear you say what's the link with BBC BASIC? The link is it was
basically a clone of BBC BASIC, including the assembler function.
The commands were very BBC BASIC like, with additions to take into
account the ST's capabilities. The suppliers of this were Computer
Concepts. CC did some interesing stuff for the ST, but fouled up
things with an application called "Caligrapher" (DTP/Doc processor)
for which many things were promised, but never delivered. Funny
I think some of it ended up in "Impression"! Well that's all

           Regards,    Paul

                   NO RISC??..........NO FUN!! 
          ACORN SA-RPC using SA-110 StrongARM (TM)  RISC  processor     
                   Paul G6TSF

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