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Is it "BBC BASIC", "BBCBASIC" or "BBCBasic"? And is the Z80 version suffixed with "(80)" or "Z80"?

On my site I have tried to be consistant and use "BBC BASIC", but all varients can be seen across the Internet. Acorn has always stated that it is "BASIC" and "BBC BASIC", not "Basic", "BBCBasic" or "BBCBASIC", so my odd uses of "BBCBasic" are noncompliant. It probably started from my creation of a directory called BBCBasic instead of BBCBASIC that started it all off. Whenever I spot a document on my site that does not use "BBC BASIC" I change it.

6502 BASIC on the BBC Micros tended to be refered to as just "BASIC". It wasn't until non-6502 versions were written that some sort of modifier was needed. BBC BASIC for the Z80 is refered to in documentation as "BBC BASIC Z80" and has startup message such as:

Conversely, BBC BASIC for the ARM is refered to in documentation as "ARM BBC BASIC" and has startup message such as:

BBC BASIC for the Z80 is refered to in its own READ.ME file as BBCBASIC(Z80), BBC BASIC (Z80) and BBCBASIC (Z80). The printed manuals consistantly use BBCBASIC(Z80). I have inconsistantly refered to it as BBCBasic(Z80) and BBCBasic(80), but have tended to use (80) more than (Z80), to be consistant with (32) and (86) for the 32016 and 80x86 versions. 6502 BASIC is a bigger exception to the expected form being refered to as just BASIC I, BASIC II, BASIC III and BASIC IV.

I suppose the correct form should be "BBC BASIC (CPU)". This has the advantage that all varients of BBC BASIC will be listed alphabetically next to each other. However, if a displayed name is truncated than all you see is, for example, "BBC BAS..."

In documentation I have tried to consistantly use "CPU BBC BASIC" and naming files "BBC BASIC CPU".

These are common forms seen:
3201632016 BBC BASICBBC BASIC 32016BBC BASIC (32)BBCBASIC(32)BBCBasic(32)

Searching for BBC BASIC

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