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Spectrum running BBC BASIC
Spectrum running BBC BASIC
This is the J.G.Harston reinterfacing of BBC BASIC (Z80) to run on the Sinclair Spectrum. I started work on this in the late 1980s, and recently restarted work on it.

Install.htm   Installing BBC BASIC on the Spectrum
BBCBasic.rom  16K BBC BASIC language and system ROM.
ZXBasic.rom  16K 48K BASIC.
BBCBasic.rom  32K Combined BBC BASIC and ZX BASIC ROM.
BBCBasic.tap  17K *NEW* BBC BASIC loadable to main RAM.
BBCBasic.txt  20K BBC BASIC documentation.
Utils.tap  9K Some test utilities.
Utils.mdr 135K  Microdrive file of test utilities.
Sample.tap  104K Some sample programs.
Sample.mdr 135K  Microdrive file of sample programs.

To run BBC BASIC you need to install the ROM in a ROM bank selected with OUT &FD. You can do this with a suitable external ROMBox, or with a Spectrum 128 or later.

*NEW* The version 0.40 Spectrum Host now has working microdrive support.

Copyright and Acknowledgements

The Sinclair Spectrum version of BBC BASIC (Z80) is a conversion of the BBC Z80 Tube version of BBC BASIC (Z80). It is made available for free download on the condition that it always be distributed with the files in BBCTube.zip. Z80 BBC BASIC and the accompanying files remain the Copyright (C) of R. T. Russell, 1982-2000. Please see http://www.rtrussell.co.uk/.

Certain code within the conversion of Z80 BBC BASIC in order to enable it to run on the Sinclair Spectrum remains the Copyright (C) of J.G.Harston, 1989-2005.

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