[img] Graham Toal's 6809 Second Processor
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Graham Toal briefly described a 6809 second processor using the Tube ULA on classiccmp (source) and refered to Brian Jones (source) making a breadboarded 6809 copro. Graham wrote the 6809 client code with skimp. The documents he refers to have moved around on Graham's website, but some are mirrored here.

Graham confirmed to me that the finished client code had no defined entry to the Tube API; Tube communcation code was staticly linked into any created 6809 program. It was an option to make the API available, through one of the SWI vectors.

kernel.txt  Almost complete 6809 client kernel written in skimp.
Brief desciption on classiccmp.org.
pic.jpg  Picture of the 6809 CoPro.
BigPic.jpg  Large picture of the 6809 CoPro.

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