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ACU27v       ACUROM and ACPROM             0.A0                (C)ACSOFT - 21.10.84
AIDS216      AIDS                          2.16                (C)84 SoftSmith
BEEBROM100   Beeb ROM                      1.00                (C)1983 H.SOFT
COMBI100     COMBIROM                      1.10                (C)85 ...
CPR100       CPR GM4OFC                    1.00                (C)
Everest206   Everest                       2.06                (C)Mark de Weger  1986
HackROM     (directory)
HANSUTILS    HANS's Rom                    1.00                (C)'85 HHW-soft
ICEBOX100    ICE-BOX                       1.00                (C)1984 EVENT ONE LTD.
INTERPR150   INTERPRETER                   1.50                (C)1983 T.Slater
MEGAROM100   MEGA ROM                      1.00                (C)1985 Chalice
PRMFLOP230   PRINTMASTER (Epson)+FLOPPY-WISE 2.30                (C)BBC Concepts P.Hiscock M.Bateman
             FLOPPY-WISE                   2.30                (C)1985 Software Services
RIPPER100    RIPPER Rom                    1.00                (C)DickSoft 1985 ** A division of _doomesday machine_
SCYTHE100    SCYTHE                        1.00                (C)1985 Chalice
SLAVE104     SLAVE                         1.04                (C)1985 J.Aughton,G.Pennington,I.PiumartaHJJJJ J
Softie      (directory)
TOOL+24      TOOLKIT PLUS                  +.24                (C)1985 Beebug
TOOLBOX125   TOOLBOX                       1.25                (C)1984 S.M.Blinkhorn
TOOLKIT122   TOOLKIT                       1.22                (C)1983 Beebug
TOOLKIT125   TOOLKIT                       1.25b               (C)1984 Beebug
TOOLMAS110   TOOLMASTER                    1.10                (C)
TUBEBRM114   6502 TUBE ROM                 2.10  BROM 1.14     (C)
             BROM                          1.14                (C)1985 Bill Harley
TUBEED103    ALTRA TUBE EDITOR             1.03                (C)ALTRA ROMS A.M.Lord 1985
U-TOOLS126   U-TOOLS                       1.26                (C)1984 INTERSOFT
UserROM100   UserROM                       1.00                (C)Acorn User
UTILITY210   UTILITY ROM                   2.10                (C)Speady software written by IAN 85
UTILS120     UTILS                         1.20                (C)1983
UTILS314     UTILS (C) 1984                ..00                (C)(C) 1984 C.J.Software. 95,Pringle Road Brinsworth Rotherham South Yorkshire S60 5BE Author C.J.Dawson.
WIZARD100    WIZARD ROM                    1.00                (C)J.San, Argonaut Software Ltd.

Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 23 Jun 2018