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Spirit level for the blind June 1984 4th Year Technology 'O' Level
Electronics Module
Myers Grove School
Disaster Shelter November 1984 5th Year Technology 'O' Level
Energy Module
Myers Grove School
Children's Climbing Frame March 1985 5th Year Technology 'O' Level
Structures Module
Myers Grove School
Computer Controlled Robot April 1985 5th Year Technology 'O' Level
Final Project
Myers Grove School
Sampler July 1985 Low-speed continuous trace printer
Work experience
Hallamshire Hospital
Oscillo July 1985 High-speed virtual oscilloscope
Work experience
Hallamshire Hospital
Teletext Suite September 1985   Myers Grove School
DefChar Character Editor and Character Generator for the ZX Spectrum
  • Original 'O' Level Project
    Character Generator
    *RUNable Character Generator 
    Character Editor
    DefChar v1.10
    CharMaker v1.00 ThickChars v1.00 DefChar v1.20
    April 1986
    April 1986
    May 1986
    July 1986
    6th Form Computer Studies 'O' Level
    Course Project
    Myers Grove School
    MUGINS networking code April 1986 6th Form Computer Studies 'O' Level
    Course Project
    Myers Grove School
    Stock Control July 1987 dBase III Stock Control program
    Work experience
    Hallamshire Hospital
    3131 Assignment 1 : Oct 1987 : KAREL The Robot : Square of Crosses
    3131 Assignment 2 : Nov 1987 : KAREL The Robot : Counting Terraces
    3131 Assignment 3 : Dec 1987 : Pascal : Running bank account balance display
    3132 Assignment 1 : Mar 1988 : Pascal : Set handling demonstration
    3132 Assignment 2 : May 1988 : Pascal : Stock ordering program
    Stirling University
    The Treaty of Union of Scotland and England 1988    
    Student Record System October 1988 3133 Assignment 1, Modula-2 Stirling University
    Binary Tree Handling November 1988 3133 Assignment 2, Modula-2 Stirling University
    31V4 Assignment 1 : ??? 1989 : Modula-2 : ????
    31T4 Assignment 1 : Mar 1989 : COBOL : Generate student ID numbers
    Stirling University
    PDP11 Assembler April 1989 31V4 Assignment 2, Modula-2 Stirling University
    Yards of Whitby July 1989    
    Climb aboard the Carousel (GetPages)
  • Original Submission
    Published Article
    GetPages v1.00
    GetPages v1.22
    September 1991
    Fetch complete carousels of pages from transmitted teletext. Micro User
    Suss out the Symbols (VLIST)
  • Original Submission
    Published Article
    VList100/src v1.00
    VList111/src v1.11
    July 1990
    List BASIC variables in memory. Micro User
    Program Lister (PRLIST)
  • Original Submission
    Published Article  
    PrList10/src v1.00
    PrList13/src v1.30
    PrList14/src v1.40
    June 1990
    List BASIC programs on disk. Micro User
    Inside Story (MDUMP)
  • Original Submission
    Published Article
    MDump100/src v1.00
    MDump105/src v1.05
    September 1989
    Dump any memory contents in the style of *DUMP. Micro User
    31R5 Assignment 1 : Nov 1989 : Electronics : Digital counter
    31R5 Assignment 2 : Dec 1989 : VLSI Design : Multiple NAND gate
    31S6 Assignment ? : Apr 1990 : Microprocessors and C : Printer buffer
    Stirling University
    Life In The Fast Lane (Game of Life) January 1992   Acorn User

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