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Comments on Sheffield Ward Boundary Review (Periodic Electoral Review)

This submission makes the following recommended changes to the draft recommendations of the Boundary Committee's proposals for the future electoral arrangements for Sheffield. All the recommendations are independent of each other and any combination of them can be applied.

1: Adjustment to exact track of boundary along Sheffield Lane Dike.

2: Swap Creswick Greave/Yew Lane area for Colley/Wheata area.

3: Adjustment to boundary in vicinity of Agden Bridge.

4: Align Walkley/Hillsborough boundary along Holme Lane, Bradfield Road and Owlerton Green.

5: Boundary to follow railway line south of Abbey Lane.

6: Boundary between Crookes and Walkley to follow edge of Bole Hill recreation ground.

7: 112-114 Northfield Road to be in Crookes ward.

8: Minor realignment near Auckley Road.

9: Swap north-south alignment of Birley and Richmond wards for an east-west alignment.

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Crookes.gif  Alternative arrangement of wards around Crookes and Broomhill
Rural.gif    Proposal for two-member rural wards
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