Sheffield Ward Boundary Review 2013
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  • Boundaries made obsolete on the ground

    Whatever model is recommended and adopted, this review should include correcting errors and problems left over from the previous review and dealing with boundaries that had become obscured.

  • Northfield Court
    78-81 Northfield Court has been built on top of the boundary between Walkley and Crookes on the site of 114-116 Northfield Road.
    This should be corrected by moving the boundary to the centre of the cul-de-sac between 120 Northfield Road and 78-81 Northfield Court.

  • Fulton Road/Heavygate Road
    A confusion in the previous review resulted in the Walkley/Crookes/Broomhill boundary along Heavygate Road and Fulton Road being behind the properties on Heavygate Road and down the centre of Fulton Road, when it should have been the other way around.
    This should be corrected by moving the Walkley/Crookes/Broomhill boundary between the Northfield Road/Heavygate Road junction and the Daniel Hill Street/Blake Street junction so that it runs along the centre of Heavygate Road, and then between Howard Road and Birkendale View, between Fulton Road and Birkedale View, between Daniel Hill Court and 7/74 Birkendale Road.

  • Holgate Avenue/Deerlands Avenue
    The current Southey/Firth Park boundary runs at a diagonal from Tongue Gutter/Sheffield Lane Dyke to the centre of the Holgate Avenue/Deerlands Avenue roundabout. This was due to running along a property line of houses that are now demolished. Also, the boundary north of Deerlands Avenue was drawn along the property line of the houses. Many of these houses have been demolished and the property line no longer exists on the ground.
    This should be tidied up by running the boundary straight on to Holgate Avenue and then south to the roundabout. Between Holgate Avenue and Barnsley Road the boundary should run along the stream Tongue Gutter/Sheffield Lane Dyke.

  • Cornish Place/Cornish Street
    At the last review, properties in this area were run-down industrial buildings. They have now been redeveloped as flats and other residential properties. The Walkley/Central boundary splits this area in two by running along Ball Street Bridge.
    The boundary here should be moved west so that properties north-west of Ball Street Bridge are in the same ward as the rest of the area along Green Lane. The boundary should be moved to run from Shalesmoor Roundabout directly along Penistone Road and Rutland Road.

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