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Speculator 1.04 23-Mar-1998 Spec.zip 302K Spectrum Emulator for Archimedes/RISC OS 2 or later.
Appears to be the fastest RISC OS Spectrum emulator available. This is the patched version patched with SpecPatch. It reads standard Spectrum .TAP tapefiles, allows the TapeFiles directory to be anywhere, passes IN and OUT to external support code and avoids pathname expansion overwriting the code. Currently crashes on RISC OS 3.50+
Author: D.J.Lawrence, Patches by: J.G.Harston.
PiSpec 1.00 2017 PiSpec.zip 62K Spectrum Emulator BBC+PiTube+NuLA.
{[Z80Em] broken}
3.00 20-Mar-1999 No download   Z80Em for RISC OS.
Emulates 48K, 128K and +2 Spectrums. Runs rather slowly unless used on a fairly fast machine.
Author: Michael & Anne Borcherds and Darren Salt for Warm Silence Software.
Note: Version 4 has recently been released.
[Z80Em] 1.00 09-Mar-2001 Patch.zip 2K Patch for Z80Em version 3.00 that fixes a few bugs in it. Fixes some incorrectly named sprites, RESET zeros the I register, partial decoding of port &FD allowed, so OUT (&FD),A works, and dragging ROM images to the icon bar allowed.
Author: J.G.Harston.
MZXSpeccy 1.10 Apr-1994 MZX.zip 83K MZX Spectrum Emulator for Archimedes/RISC OS.
Implements most of the functionality of a 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It will run in single or multitasking modes on an Acorn RISC OS machine with at least 1Mb of memory and operating system version 3.00 or later. It will run in multitasking mode only under RISC OS 3.50. Patched to load snapshots correctly.
Author: Graham Willmott
0.15 09-Apr-2000 Spec128.zip 77K Spectrum 48k and 128k emulator for RISC OS.
Author: Joe Kelleher.
Speccy     No download   Commercial Spectrum 48/128 emulator for RISC OS.
Appears to be the only RISC OS emulator that emulates the Interface 1.
Author: Carsten Witt.
Carsten has sent me a copy of Speccy, and I am currently testing it to check how it works.
Very fast shareware Spectrum emulator for Win/DOS.
Emulates 48K model 2 or 3 and Spectrum 128K, Interface I and microdrive, Disciple and Plus-D disk interfaces and Multiface 128. Some features only available to registered users. Version 4.00 now works as a multitasking application within Windows.
Author: Gerton Lunter.
0.70 23-Sep-2004     The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, ported to several platforms.
Appears to be the only emulator that emulates the Spectrum SE.
See the sourceforge site for source and binaries.
SPConv 1.10 05-Aug-1998 SPConv.zip 40K Desktop utility to do conversions between various Spectrum snapshot formats, based on the command line utility SPConv. This version is patched to fix incorrect conversion to Speculator snapshots.
Authors: Henk de Groot, Damien Burke for the original SPConv, Darren Salt for RISC OS frontend, J.G.Harston for Speculator bugfix.
Utils     Utils.zip 33K Some Speculator snapshot conversion utilities.
Author: Mike Parigo.

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