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Text editors for BBC/Electron/Master

NewView 1.07 16-May-1995 ViewJ300
ViewKeys (L)
16K A modified version of VIEW with extra features such as easy entry of top-bit set characters, default pc8 characters defined, conversion of incoming end-of-line sequences, saved files filetyped as Text.
Extended VIEW highlights      
KeyStrips         Programs to generate function key strips for various BBC text editors.

Text editors for RISCOS.

[StrongEd] 4.63 22-Sep-2000 [{463.zip}]
broken links
StrongEd by Guttorm Vik and Others.
A fully-featured and powerful editor, but also easy to use. Can edit anything from program sources to shopping lists to emails and web pages. StrongEd is now release complete with source code and contributions are welcome.
[Zap] 1.40 26-Oct-1998 [zap.zip   Zap by the Zap programmers.
A programmer's editor with a large number of features designed to facilitate programming, particularly source code, as well as full text editing facilities. Highly configurable and extensible.

Text editors for DOS/Windows.

[Metapad] 3.0 08-Apr-2001 [Download] 39K MetaPad by Alexander Davidson for Windows 9x and NT.
Small, fast and completely free text editor for Windows 9x and NT. As a replacement for Microsoft's NotePad it does everything NotePad does and much much more and much more usefully.
MetaPad is my Windows text editor of choice.
[TextPad] 4.4.1 10-Feb-2001 [{txpeng442.exe (broken link)}]
Evaluation copy
2438K TextPad by Helios Software Solutions for Windows 9x and NT.
A powerful general-purpose editor for plain text files.
[EditPad Pro]
[EditPad Lite]
2.0.2 09-May-2001  

EditPad by J.Goyvaerts for Windows 9x and NT.
Much more that a text editor, it can edit binary and text files as well as having all the features you would expect from a powerful text editor. EditPad Pro is a commercial package, whereas EditPad Lite is free for noncommercial use. Fast, compact and easy to use.

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