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Date   : Fri, 06 May 2005 14:22:03 +0100
From   : Richard_Talbot-Watkins@...
Subject: Re: Chuckie Egg - better patch (and some mysteries

Peter Edwards writes:

> Stupid questions time - after comparing it directly with a spectrum
> screenshot, I can only notice three differences:
> 1) Spectrum has White text on Blue background for players 2-4
> score
> 2) Spectrum's labels (like the word "score") are white
> 3) Spectrum lifts are yellow
> From the little I understood of your in-depth explanation earlier, I
> guess 1) isn't possible with a patch?  I just wondered about the last
> two, tho - I think it would certainly look cool to keep the lifts yellow.
> Is it possible to separate the lifts from the eggs?

1) I don't think I can squeeze blue into the palette unfortunately.  If I
could, I'd definitely try to make *something* blue, just to use up all the

2) Unfortunately not easy because of the way the graphics are designed.
The whole of the rectangle with 'SCORE' in black is one graphic
(effectively a solid rectangle with the letters cut out).  Because of the
way the sprite printing works (monochrome sprite printed in the colour of
your choice) it's not possible to get multicoloured sprites without
overprinting one on the other.  It would be possible, but a more
complicated hack, and probably not really worth the effort just for the
rolling demo.

3) I can't think of a good way of doing it unless there's a palette entry
I've not considered.  But I quite like the lifts a different colour from
the main character, and besides, the CPC version has white lifts!  In fact,
in terms of screen mode (resolution and colour), the Beeb has far more in
common with the CPC than the Speccy.

> If you have no objections, Rich, I plan to host it on the site as an
> SSD image (to save people typing it in) - I'll add your authorship
> in a few REM statements in the loader and as an entry on the
> hacks & upgrades page.  I might even try, if I'm feeling brave,
> to extend it to offer the functionality of the other pokes in a
> menu - that make take me a bit, tho.  ;)

Yeah, go for it!  The more Chuckie addicts it reaches, the better :)

It'd be nice to get it onto the StairwayToHell archives too if it seems not
to break anything.  A little extra colour never hurt anyone after all!


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