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Date   : Thu, 04 Nov 1982 15:48:53-EST (Thu)
From   : Rick Conn <rconn@BRL>
Subject: SYSLIB

        I am very pleased (yeah, and kind of proud since it WAS a
lot  of  work) to announce the release of SYSLIB for CP/M 2.2.  I
am sending this to both INFO-CPM and INFO-MICRO since SYSLIB  can
be used to create programs which run on ANY 8080 or Z80 microcom-
puter, not necessarily just CP/M, altho CP/M is  required  to  do
the assembly.

        SYSLIB is an extensive set of utility subroutines,  writ-
ten in 8080 assembly language.  There are over 130 subroutines in
over 70 modules in the library.  The following shows the scope of
the  library  by  showing you all the files which are required to
contain it and its documentation.

        SYSLIB is documented in two ways.  A 100+ page  user  and
reference  manual  exists  which tells you about each of the rou-
tines and gives you 7 sample programs which you can study to  see
how  SYSLIB  is used.  Additionally, 13 HLP (for use with my HELP
program for online documentation) files are available which  con-
tain the same information the routine description sections of the
user and reference manual contains.  You  can  effectively  index
into  the  user  and  reference  manual  quickly by using the HLP

        A second, following message which  is  much  longer  than
this one has been prepared to tell you exactly what SYSLIB is and
does.  This was done so that those not interested in SYSLIB  need
not read thru all of the basic description information.

       M80.COM, L80.COM, and SYSLIB.REL are required to do SYSLIB
programming.  All the other files are source and documentation.

        Information on the files making up SYSLIB follows:

              SYSLIB -- An Integrated Library of Assembly Language
          Utility Subroutines for use with the Microsoft M80 Assembler

               Distribution Statement and Listing of SYSLIB Files

                             Distribution Statement

             SYSLIB is released to the public domain.   Anyone who wishes 
        to USE it may do so with no strings attached.  The author assumes 
        no  responsibility  or liability for the use of  SYSLIB.   It  is 
        copyrighted by the author,  Richard Conn,  who has sole rights to 
        it.   SYSLIB  and  its associated documentation may  be  sold  by 
        itself  or  as an independent part of a package of programs  only 
        with  the express,  written consent of the author.   The  author, 
        however,  supports  the  use  of SYSLIB  by  commercial  software 
        developers,  and  places no restriction on the sale  of  programs 
        which  are  based  on SYSLIB and use  routines  contained  within 
        SYSLIB to perform their major functions.

                         Source Files to SYSLIB Modules

        Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K
        -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------
        S0FILEIO.MAC      2   SCOMP   .MAC      2   SEVAL4  .MAC      2      
        S1FILEIO.MAC      2   SCOMPHD .MAC      2   SFCLOS  .MAC      2      
        S2FILEIO.MAC      2   SCONDIN .MAC      2   SFDEL   .MAC      2      
        S3FILEIO.MAC      2   SCOUT   .MAC      2   SFEXIST .MAC      2      
        SBBLINE .MAC      4   SCPOUT  .MAC      2   SFILEIO .MAC     10      
        SBDOS   .MAC      2   SCRC    .MAC      4   SFILL   .MAC      2      
        SBIOS   .MAC      4   SCRC1   .MAC      4   SFMAKE  .MAC      2      
        SBLINE  .MAC      4   SCRLF   .MAC      2   SFNAME  .MAC      6      
        SCAPS   .MAC      2   SCST    .MAC      2   SFOPEN  .MAC      2      
        SCAPSTR .MAC      2   SDIR    .MAC     34   SFREAD  .MAC      2      
        SCATH   .MAC      2   SEN     .MAC      2   SFRENAME.MAC      2      
        SCCOUT  .MAC      2   SEVAL   .MAC      4   SFWRIT  .MAC      2      
        SCIN    .MAC      2   SEVAL1  .MAC      2   SHDR    .MAC      2      
        SCLOUT  .MAC      2   SEVAL2  .MAC      2   SINITFCB.MAC      2      
        SCODEND .MAC      2   SEVAL3  .MAC      2   SINLINE .MAC      6      

        SINSTR  .MAC      2   SMHL5DC .MAC      4   SSCANNER.MAC      2      
        SLA2HC  .MAC      2   SMOVE   .MAC      4   SSORT   .MAC     14      
        SLADC   .MAC      2   SPA2HC  .MAC      2   SUD     .MAC      2      
        SLCRLF  .MAC      2   SPADC   .MAC      2   SYSTEST .MAC      4      
        SLHL4HC .MAC      2   SPAUSE  .MAC      4   SYSTEST1.MAC      4      
        SLHL5DC .MAC      2   SPHL4HC .MAC      2   SYSTEST2.MAC      4      
        SLOUT   .MAC      2   SPHL5DC .MAC      2   SYSTEST3.MAC      4      
        SLPRINT .MAC      2   SPOUT   .MAC      2   SYSTEST4.MAC      6      
        SLPSTR  .MAC      2   SPRINT  .MAC      2   SYSTEST5.MAC      2      
        SMA2HC  .MAC      2   SPSTR   .MAC      2   SYSTEST6.MAC      6      
        SMADC   .MAC      2   SRAND   .MAC      2   SZCPR   .MAC      8      
        SMATH   .MAC      6   SRIN    .MAC      2   SZFNAME .MAC     12      
        SMHL4HC .MAC      2
           82 Files Occupying   278K

                             SYSLIB.REL Library File

        Filename.Typ Size K RS
        -------- --- ------ --
        SYSLIB  .REL     14
            1 File Occupying    14K

                   SYSLIB Help Files for Online Documentation

        Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K
        -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------
        SYSLIB  .HLP     16   SYSLIB5 .HLP      6   SYSLIB9 .HLP      8      
        SYSLIB1 .HLP     14   SYSLIB6 .HLP      4   SYSLIBA .HLP      8      
        SYSLIB2 .HLP      4   SYSLIB7 .HLP      6   SYSLIBB .HLP      6      
        SYSLIB3 .HLP      8   SYSLIB8 .HLP      6   SYSLIBC .HLP      8      
        SYSLIB4 .HLP      6      
           13 Files Occupying   100K

           SYSLIB Document Files, Including User and Reference Manual

        Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K   Filename.Typ Size K
        -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------   -------- --- ------
        SYSLIB  .WS     104   SYSLIBI .WS      10   SYSLIBR .WS       4      
        SYSLIBHD.WS      16   SYSLIBID.WS       4   SYSLIBS .WS      42      
            6 Files Occupying   180K
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