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Date   : Fri, 27 Apr 1984 10:24:45-EST
From   : Frank da Cruz <cc.fdc@COLUMBIA-20.ARPA>
Subject: New release of KERMIT for CP/M-80

This is to announce a new release of CP/M-80 KERMIT, version 3.9.  This is not
the long-awaited "modularized" version, but a maintenance release of the
current monolithic version that fixes many bugs and addresses various
shortcomings in the previous release, which was version 3.6.  Here is a brief
list of the changes since version 3.6:

* Fixes & improvements contributed by Greg Small, UC Berkeley, including:
  . A "fuzzy" timer -- imprecise timeouts
  . Some VT52 emulation bugs fixed
  . Bugs with file attribute bits fixed
  . TRS-80 support for both Lifeboat & Pickles & Trout CP/M
  . Morrow Decision I support
  . Separate terminal support for TVI925, ADM3A, "generic CRT" on some systems
  . Buffer boundary checking for recovering from long bursts of noise

* From Kimmo Laaksonen, Helsinki University of Technology Computing Centre:
  . Support for Nokia MikroMikko (a Finnish CP/M system)
  . Filename completion on ESC, a`la TENEX/TOPS-20
  . TRANSMIT command, for uploading a file "bare" (no protocol), with XON/XOFF
  . Miscellaneous fixes & cosmetic improvements

* Contributions from Bernie Eiben, DEC Marlboro, including:
  . Integration of Greg's and Kimmo's changes with working source
  . SET PRINTER ON/OFF during CONNECT (no fancy buffering or waiting)
  . ^C during file transfer returns immediately to command level
  . Source file compaction, removal of update history to separate file
  . Rainbow-100 support removed; use CP/M-86 Kermit from now on.

* From Columbia:
  . 8th-bit prefixing for transferring binary files when parity is in effect
  . Fixed and/or improved communication with IBM mainframes
  . Kaypro II and other display fixes
  . Added code for DECmate-II to transmit BREAK signal
  . SET TIMER ON/OFF, off by default, goes on/off automatically with SET IBM 
  . Default file mode as distributed is now ASCII
  . Misc bug fixes

HEX files have been built for all the systems supported by this program.  
Here is a list of them:

CPMAPPLE       Apple II, Z80 softcard
CPMBRAIN       Intertec SuperBrain
CPMDMII                DECmate II, Z80 card
CPMGENERI      Generic CP/M-80 2.2
CPMHEATH       Heath/Zenith-89
CPMKAYPRO      Kaypro II
CPMMDI         Morrow Decision I
CPMMIKKO       Nokia MikroMikko
CPMOSBORN      Osborne 1 (serial port only)
CPMOSI         Ohio Scientific
CPMPLUS                Generiac CP/M-80 3.0
CPMROBIN       DEC VT180 "Robin"
CPMTRLB                TRS-80 Model II, Lifeboat CP/M-80
CPMTRPT                TRS-80 Model II, Pickles & Trout CP/M-80
CPMTELCON      Telcon Zorba
CPMVECTOR      Vector Graphics
CPMZ100                Heath/Zenith Z100, CP/M-80 (8085 side)

These files are all stored with the suffix ".HEX" in the area "KER:", for
instance KER:CPMDMII.HEX, in normal ASCII format.  The hex files for the
previous release are still available with suffix ".OHX".  There is also a new
Kermit User Guide chapter for this program, KER:CPMKERMIT.MSS and .DOC.  The
entire group of CP/M-80 Kermit files can be referred to as KER:CPM*.*.  Network
users may obtain KERMIT files from host CU20B via NFT (CCNET), or host
COLUMBIA-20 via anonymous FTP (only after 6:00pm on weekdays, ARPANET).  The
hex files may be downloaded to your micro using your old version of KERMIT (or
MODEM7, or any other downloading procedure) and then converted to runnable .COM
format with the LOAD command.  Your old KERMIT.COM should be renamed to
something like OLDKERM.COM for backup and the new one can then be renamed to

Since this new release is the result of the work of many people at many sites
on many different machines, there can be no guarantee that it works on all the
systems listed above.  It has been tested thoroughly on the DEC VT-180, the
Kaypro II, and the Intertec Superbrain.  I'd appreciate reports about the other

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