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Date   : Fri, 08 Nov 1985 17:00:14 GMT
From   : ihnp4!nicmad!otto@SEISMO.ARPA
Subject: Re: SCSI DISKS

>What is the state of the art in 5.25 inch SCSI winchesters?
>Pointers to disks with particularly high capacity, low cost,
>high performance, or some combination of the above would
>be appreciated.

I've been researching this subject for about a year now and there at
least two drives on the market and several others announced but not
yet delivering.  There is a 10Mbyte half-height (formatted 14.1M
unformatted) drive from Xebec that runs the SASI subset of SCSI, not
particularily interesting in my mind nor did they admit to working on
a higher capacity unit when I talked to them at NCC this year.

CDC has a full-height 86Mbyte unformatted drive avail. now that also
runs SASI.  The drive has an average seek time of 39ms max. and a full
stroke seek time of 89ms max.

Quantum has a line of drives of half-height 50 and 80Mbyte formatted
capacities that run the full SCSI set of commands, at about $950 1000x
for the 80Mbyte unit. Unfortunately, the release date for evaluation
units has been set back from Oct 85 to Feb 86.  Apparently because of
problems with integrating the hardware and software.

Rodime PLC has a 3 1/2" 10 or 20Mbyte drives with an avg access time
of 85ms and running SCSI commands.  The product description in Jun
85's Computer Design mag. indicates that evaluation units were avail
then with production to start 3rd qtr.

Applied Information Memories announced a 250Mb full height drive at
NCC with a SCSI interface and 18ms (! wow) average postioning time.  I
have no other information other than a contact - Boris Zbicki, 776
Sycamore Dr., Milpitas, Ca. (408) 263-9321.

I also understand that there are a number of Japanese companies
working on SCSI drives, but I am not aware of any releases from them
at this time.  Please keep me informed of any additional information
you may receive from the net.  If you need more data, addresses, etc.,
please write me.

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