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Date   : Mon, 11 Nov 1985 20:43:00 MST
From   : Keith Petersen <W8SDZ@SIMTEL20.ARPA>
Subject: BYE339 now available from SIMTEL20

BYE339 is now available from SIMTEL20 as:

Filename                       Type     Bytes   CRC

Directory PD:<CPM.BYE3>
BYE339.AQM.1                   BINARY   60032  C781H

This program allows modem callers to use a CP/M system just as if they
were seated at the system console.  Special assembly-time options al-
low limiting the caller's access by password and/or access to only a
message-service program.  A number of external inserts are available
to adapt this program to various computers, clocks and modems.  It may
be assembled with ASM, LASM, MAC or M80.  If the ZCPR3 equate is set
YES, a macro assembler such as MAC or M80 will be required.

There are spinoffs of the BYE program (notably MBYE and BYE5), the
author has tried to incorporate any "features" of these programs so
that users need not use a spinoff but instead use the real BYE

Here are some of the latest updates:

  v339      Added my improved BIN2BCD and BCD2BIN routines.
  10/21/85  Added Mike DeWeese's call-back routines (note: to use call-back,
              you must have a Hayes compatible modem that can handle "ATA".)
            Printer was not working when going through BDOS calls.
            Now the MDRING stuff should work properly.
            Changed time routines so system only checks time-on after ever CR.
              (Will speed things up for slow clock users).
            Added "ULTIME" key to give a user "unlimited time" on the system.
            Modded RSX handler very slightly so multiple RSX's are trackable
              using CBF's RSX handling routines.

  v338      Re-installed code for modems that require ring signals (such as
  08/08/85  PMMI, Hayes MM100 & MM][, AppleCat][), which was brutally removed
            by the author of Bye335.  Changed documentation which had some
            BYEBDOS calls backwards.  Changed format of two BYEBDOS calls.
            Bye was loading in ~256 bytes lower than necessary-- fixed it.
            Shortened stack space from 60 to 40 bytes.
            Added "ASKNULL" equate to disable asking for nulls.
            Added "MDMRNG"  equate for PMMI type modems that need ring/answer.
            Fixed bug introduced in v335 re: COM files on other drives.
            Fixed bug introduced in v337 re: NO25TH / lastcaller reading.

  v337a     Added additional conditionals to take more assembly time
  07/27/85  advantage of HS300, HS1200, HS2400, B3IM & IMODEM.  Moved the
            end marker for the B3IM routine to just above IMHANG so to avoid
            the inadvertant deletion of some lines of code that belong with
            BYE instead of with the B3IM routines.  Included BYE337.FIX.
                                                        -- Don Brown

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