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Date   : Wed, 11 Mar 1987 13:58:40 GMT
From   : kodak!gardner@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (dick gardner)
Subject: Re: Z-80 CP/M Machines

In article <2151@pur-phy.UUCP> piner@pur-phy.UUCP (Richard Piner) writes:
>In article <858@crash.CTS.COM> kevinb@crash.CTS.COM (Kevin J. Belles) writes:
>>In article <4720@brl-adm.ARPA> 7GMADISO%POMONA.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.EDU writes:
>>>To: Robert Lewis Harker
>>>look into a used Tandy Model 4.  It will indeed run CP/M, and a

>>>    deleted comments about Model IV

>Well, while we are on the subject, there is yet another Z-80 machine around.
>Namely, the MAX-80 by Lobo. I'm not a big fan, but if you have to have a
                             ^--- I AM a big fan!  What a great machine!
>Z-80 machine, this one is worth checking out. It runs CP/M or LDOS.
 ^--- Z-80B  @5.0 MHz
>Outputs are, 5-inch floppy, 8-inch floppy, SASI harddisk, Centronics
>parallel, 2 RS232 ports (Zilog PIO chip),  and composite video. The
>RS232 ports can be set up to generate interupts, so it can run serial
>I/O at 19K baud. It has a real keyboard, with ALL the keys and a good
>feel, for those touch typist. I have a 3.25 inch floppy drive on one of them
>that holds 750K and the drive only cost $175. The MAX is fairly cheap to
>expand since the controllers are smart. It doesn't have high-res graphics.
>It does have programable fonts. For more information, you can contact
>Lobo Systems, 7334 Hollister Ave., Suite J, Coleta, CA 93117.
>Phone 805-968-6929. I have a couple of their machines and they run fine.
>Warranty service has been quick and when they fix a machine, it stays fixed.
>Usual disclaimers go here.
>                                   Richard Piner
>                                   piner@galileo.physics.purdue.edu.UUCP
Additional information:

       It runs most Model I/III/IV programs.  (Not all because the
       serial ports are different devices, but many)  It also runs
       a nice version of CP/M 2.2 and the nicest version of CP/M +
       (also known as CP/M 3.0) that you've ever seen. The source is
       included, and is heavily commented.  
       It has 128k ram and a battery-backed up real-time clock.
       Runs LDOS 5.1.x for R.S. programs.

Rumor department:
       Lobo Systems was known to be in financial trouble, and I don't
       know their present situation.  As far as I do know, this is
       their one and only product, which seems to guarantee a short
       life these days.

Sales department:
       I have one of these babies for sale.  Includes 2 360k floppies,
       2 8" Shugart DSDD drives, lots ofsoftware, manuals, etc.
       First $700 takes it all.  You pay shipping. 

(parting with it because of the usual reasons....my work requires that
I have an IBM compatible machine at home)


             Dick Gardner
             Eastman Kodak Co.
             Rochester, New York  14650
             (716) 477-1002
       UUCP: seismo!rochester!kodak!gardner

To err is human -- to really screw it up
                  you need a computer!
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