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Date   : Sun, 15 Mar 1987 09:01:00 MST
From   : Keith Petersen <W8SDZ@SIMTEL20.ARPA>
Subject: New files uploaded to SIMTEL20 during February

The following is a complete list of CP/M-oriented files uploaded to
SIMTEL20 during the month of February, 1987.  The numbers following
the filenames are the file size in bytes followed by the file format.
(7) means ASCII, (8) means binary.

For a complete list of all CP/M files, see:
   PD:<CPM>CPM.CRCLST - Complete list with CRC values
   PD:<CPM>FILES.DIR  - Abbreviated list with only directory and file names
   PD:<CPM>FILES.IDX  - Format as below, no descriptions

There is currently no complete listing of all files, with descriptions.
That is in the process of being created and will be announced when

Note: to save space in the following listing, the device name PD: which
normally appears ahead of the directory name has been omitted.

<CPM.APPLE>AP60ZCPR.LBR 7808(8) ZCPR3 for Apple Softcard 60K
<CPM.APPLE>PCPI-MON.LBR 4992(8) 6502 monitor calls from PCPI CP/M
<CPM.APPLE>PCPI-RAM.LBR 2816(8) Ramdisk for PCPI and //e (built-in)
<CPM.APPLE>PCPI-SIO.LBR 30592(8) Support for Applicard Z80-SIO card
<CPM.APPLE>PCPI6502.MZP 768(8) 6502 memory map for apple with PCPI
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIBDOS.MZC 2176(8) BDOS patch for Applicard
<CPM.APPLE>PCPI-Z3.LBR 66816(8) Ready to install ZCPR3 for PCPI
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIFST3.IZF 2688(8) Speed-up for Applicard & Ram Extend
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIGPRT.LBR 6400(8) Use applicard game port as SIO
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIGRFX.LBR 50944(8) Graphics for the Applicard
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIVERS.AZM 3584(8) Versacard support for Applicard
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIZ3V2.MZP 1152(8) Z80 memory map for Applicard/ZCPR3
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIBOOT.AZM 1664(8) Patch for Applicard boot msg
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIDVR4.LZT 1536(8) List of known Applicard Drivers

<CPM.ARC-LBR>CCPXTEND.LBR 30720(8) Execute COM files from Libraries
<CPM.ARC-LBR>NLUPATCH.MZC 1920(8) Patches to NULU 1.51

<CPM.BASIC>NAVPROG7.LBR 73728(8) Prepares a flight log

<CPM.BBS>SAFEBBS.LBR 17664(8) Resident program hides files on RCPM

<CPM.BKGROUNDER>BGQWKSWP.INF 1296(7) Hints for speedy BG ii swapping
<CPM.BKGROUNDER>BGH19SCR.LBR 15488(8) HEATH-19 screen driver source for BG
<CPM.BKGROUNDER>BGK84SCR.LBR 16896(8) Source for Kaypro '84 screen driver

<CPM.BYE5>KMD22.LBR 118528(8) File transfer program for RCP/M's

<CPM.C128>FORMAT2.COM 2304(8) Format floppy disk for the C128

<CPM.CATLOG>DSKLABL1.LBR 14080(8) Print label showing files on disk
<CPM.CATLOG>PRNTDF10.LBR 11776(8) Keep track of user group disks
<CPM.CATLOG>DSKLBL16.LBR 2688(8) Makes labels for your disk

<CPM.CCP>PROTCCP.LBR 2688(8) Protect CCP from being overwritten

<CPM.CPM3>DIRDATE.SUB 512(8) CP/M+ DIR patch shows date in DD/MM
<CPM.CPM3>DATEPLUS.LBR 54272(8) CP/M+ DATE.COM replacement

<CPM.CPM68K>CCPX2PLUS.DOC 14840(7) Draft design notes: CCP for CP/M-68K

<CPM.DATABASE>ECLIPSE.LBR 11904(8) Predict the eclipse of Moon and Sun
<CPM.DATABASE>CHEF-FIX.LBR 29568(8) Fix to CHEF, the recipe program
<CPM.DATABASE>SCHEDULE.ARK 24448(8) A personal schedule handler
<CPM.DATABASE>ROLDEX31.LBR 70144(8) Roladex for names and phone numbers
<CPM.DATABASE>PHONEDAT.LBR 19712(8) Keep track of RCP/M and BBS systems

<CPM.DEBUG>DDTZ25.LBR 67456(8) Z80/8080 replacement for DDT (with source)

<CPM.DIRUTL>RM104.ARK 15938(8) A UNIX-like file deletion program
<CPM.DIRUTL>MAKE26.LBR 19840(8) Change user area without moving file
<CPM.DIRUTL>SD118B.LBR 65920(8) Super Sorted Directory also does LBR

<CPM.DISASM>MSA15.LBR 7808(8) Simple, fast 8080 disassembler.
<CPM.DISASM>DZ-NOV86.LBR 93056(8) DazzleStar vid-oriented disassembler
<CPM.DISASM>REVAS25.LBR 53888(8) PD version of REVerse ASsembler

<CPM.DSKUTL>FSDU.LBR 25344(8) Full screen disk maintenance utility
<CPM.DSKUTL>DS21DOC.LBR 70272(8) Inspect floppy discs for bad sectors

<CPM.EDUCATION>TRIVIA2.LBR 30848(8) Trivial Pursuit word game
<CPM.EDUCATION>FLASH.LBR 25728(8) Flash card program

<CPM.EPSON>EPSETUP.LBR 13696(8) Epson MX/RX/FX80 printer setup

<CPM.FILCPY>NSWPTIPS.LBR 8064(8) Tips about the disk Maint utility
<CPM.FILCPY>RPL.LBR 39168(8) Copy files with replace

<CPM.FILUTL>CMP20.LBR 4096(8) Unix-style binary file compare

<CPM.FORTH-83>F83V2-80.ARK 155136(8) Forth-83 ver. 2 for CP/M-80

<CPM.GENDOC>FAST-180.MSG 1801(7) CPU speed upgrade for SB-180
<CPM.GENDOC>ADVENT.SZL 38400(8) Walkthrough of Adventure Version B01
<CPM.GENDOC>HEX.TZT 4608(8) Tutorial on hex and binary numbers
<CPM.GENDOC>FUTURE.TZT 4864(8) Comment on future of user groups

<CPM.HAMRADIO>ORBIT.ARK 36625(8) Satellite orbit prediction program
<CPM.HAMRADIO>RTTY3.LBR 34688(8) RTTY receive/send for HD3030/CP/M+
<CPM.HAMRADIO>LIST-LOG.LBR 20480(8) Manipulate list of records

<CPM.HELP>LZED.HZP 9088(8) Help for the "Little Z EDitor"

<CPM.IMP>I2AP-8.AQM 18304(8) IMP Overlay - Apple II, various card

<CPM.KAYPRO>KPTRCLK.LBR 2176(8) Caption for TurboRom time display
<CPM.KAYPRO>KP10MONY.LBR 64640(8) Money management package
<CPM.KAYPRO>KP10USER.LBR 3200(8) MASMENU replacement for Kaypro 10
<CPM.KAYPRO>KRAMDISK.TZT 22656(8) Make most of Kaypro with a RAM disk

<CPM.LIST>FANFOLD8.LBR 80000(8) Print on both sides of fanfold paper
<CPM.LIST>SIDEMT3.LBR 50944(8) List file sideways on printer
<CPM.LIST>GFSRC.LBR 98816(8) Source for fonts in GFONTS.LBR
<CPM.LIST>EXTRAFON.LBR 22528(8) Additional fonts for Bradford print

<CPM.MBBS>MBSIO-2.AQM 6912(8) MBYE insert for Zilog SIO
<CPM.MBBS>MBKMDOVL.LBR 116096(8) Machine specific overlays for MB-KMD
<CPM.MBBS>MBKMDOVL.LST 4244(7) Machine specific overlays for MB-KMD
<CPM.MBBS>MBKMD120.LBR 114560(8) File transfer with 1k/batch protocol

<CPM.MEX>MEXCLS.PAT 423(7) Disable clearing the screen in MEX
<CPM.MEX>MXO-R213.AZM 9088(8) MEX Overlay - TRS-80 Model II
<CPM.MEX>MXO-MD30.AZM 12672(8) Mex Overlay - Micro Decision 3.0
<CPM.MEX>MXC-KC10.AZM 3200(8) MEX Overlay - Kaypro Kenmore Ztime-I
<CPM.MEX>MXH-CPM3.AZM 7424(8) MEX Overlay - CPM Plus
<CPM.MEX>MXH-VT36.AZM 9728(8) MEX Overlay - DEC Micro VT180
<CPM.MEX>MXO-AX11.AZM 17024(8) MEX Overlay - Actrix computer
<CPM.MEX>MXH-VG4.AZM 17792(8) MEX Overlay - Vector 4
<CPM.MEX>MXH-CC18.AZM 15872(8) MEX overlay - Columbia Commander
<CPM.MEX>MEX16.AZN 5760(8) Feature of MEX 1.6

<CPM.MISC>C-BEAUT.LBR 26752(8) A C Source statement beautifier

<CPM.NUBYE>NUKMD111.ARK 126848(8) XMODEM/YMODEM file transfer for RCPM

<CPM.PASCAL>STRINGS.LBR 14080(8) String operations in Pascal
<CPM.PASCAL>PASCALIO.DZC 4992(8) Explanation of Pascal I/O

<CPM.PASCAL-P>PPMANUAL.PZN 60928(8) Documentation file for Pascal-P
<CPM.PASCAL-P>PP319DOC.LBR 67200(8) Documentation for Pascal-P
<CPM.PASCAL-P>PLOTTER.LBR 35968(8) Plotter routines for PascalP

<CPM.RCPM>WHEEL.AZM 5376(8) Activate the WHEEL byte for SYSOP
<CPM.RCPM>TWIT-LOG.LBR 15616(8) Track unauthorized RCP/M command use

<CPM.SORT>TWOSORTS.LBR 13824(8) Memory and disk sort using quicksort

<CPM.SYSUTL>LOG10.LBR 4480(8) Log in drive and user, ZCPR style

<CPM.TURBOM2>TM2NOT10.LBR 16128(8) Notes about Modula-2

<CPM.TURBOPAS>TURBOFIX.LBR 8704(8) Fixes console input system of Turbo
<CPM.TURBOPAS>TYPEX.PZS 11136(8) Turbo lister and cross-reference
<CPM.TURBOPAS>PRTPROC3.LBR 7808(8) List procedures, functions, of Turbo
<CPM.TURBOPAS>XLIST5.LBR 9984(8) Cross-reference listing for Pascal
<CPM.TURBOPAS>PASPRINT.TZT 1920(8) Check printer status in Pascal
<CPM.TURBOPAS>BULLETTP.LBR 4864(8) Screen subroutines for Turbo Pascal

<CPM.TXTUTL>RNF13.LBR 97408(8) Text formatter/word processor
<CPM.TXTUTL>TAIL20.LBR 4096(8) Displays end of text file
<CPM.TXTUTL>SAVETIP.TZT 1280(8) Recover data from memory
<CPM.TXTUTL>WS2MW.LBR 45312(8) Converts WordStar files to MacWrite
<CPM.TXTUTL>RNF13SOR.LBR 39168(8) Source for the RNF text formatter

<CPM.VDOEDIT>VDE24HDR.LBR 11008(8) Macro Key programming for VDE

<CPM.WSTAR>WS40CPM.TZT 3456(8) Info about New Word and WordStar 4.0
<CPM.WSTAR>WSPATNEW.3Z3 15488(8) Patches for WordStar

<ZSYS.NEW>@10.LBR 6400(8)  Control screen output
<ZSYS.NEW>AFIND13.LBR 6784(8)  Searches the directory for aliases
<ZSYS.NEW>CLEAND15.LBR 16896(8)  Sorts, packs, cleans Z3 directory
<ZSYS.NEW>DEV10.LBR 6528(8)  Command-driven ZCPR3 IOP control
<ZSYS.NEW>DEVICE10.LBR 7552(8)  Screen-oriented ZCPR3 IOP control
<ZSYS.NEW>DIFF21.LBR 10624(8)  ZCPR3 tool shows file differences
<ZSYS.NEW>DIR14.LBR 19840(8)  ZCPR3 directory program
<ZSYS.NEW>DPGFILE.LBR 23168(8)  Files for ZCPR3 DPROG interpreter
<ZSYS.NEW>DPROG12.LBR 13440(8)  Peripheral device control for ZCPR3
<ZSYS.NEW>FNDERR14.LBR 7040(8)  Compiler/Assembler automation for Z3
<ZSYS.NEW>NEWTCAP.ZZ0 3712(8)  New Terminal for ZCPR TCAP
<ZSYS.NEW>TCJ01.MZG 4224(8)  Information about ZSIG
<ZSYS.NEW>UF.LBR 15104(8)  Fast unsqueezer for Z80 computers
<ZSYS.NEW>VCED18.LBR 27648(8)  ZCPR3 shell edits command lines
<ZSYS.NEW>VIEW31.LBR 20352(8)  ZCPR3 text files scanner/printer
<ZSYS.NEW>VISUAL50.AZM 3712(8)  ZCPR 3.3 TCAP for the Visual 50
<ZSYS.NEW>VMENUFUN.LBR 9728(8)  Using the VMENU system
<ZSYS.NEW>Z-NEWS.7Z1 12800(8)  ZCPR3/SYSLIB/ZRDOS Newsletter #701
<ZSYS.NEW>Z-NEWS.7Z2 12032(8)  ZCPR3/SYSLIB/ZRDOS Newsletter #702
<ZSYS.NEW>Z3LOC11.LBR 4096(8)  Display Z3 addresses
<ZSYS.NEW>Z3NEW104.LBR 50816(8)  Replacement for NEW command
<ZSYS.NEW>Z3TCAP22.LBR 12672(8)  Define terminals for use with ZCPR3

--Keith Petersen
Uucp: {bellcore,decwrl,harvard,lll-crg,ucbvax,uw-beaver}!simtel20.arpa!w8sdz
GEnie Mail: W8SDZ
RCP/M Royal Oak: 313-759-6569 (300, 1200, 2400 bps)
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