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Date   : Sat, 05 Sep 1987 19:21:00 MDT
From   : Keith Petersen <W8SDZ@SIMTEL20.ARPA>
Subject: New files uploaded to SIMTEL20 during August

The following is a complete list of CP/M-oriented files uploaded to
SIMTEL20 during the month of August, 1987.  The numbers following
the filenames are the file size in bytes followed by the file format.
(7) means ASCII, (8) means binary.

For a complete list of all CP/M files, see:
   PD:<CPM>CPM.CRCLST - Complete list with CRC values
   PD:<CPM>CPM.ARC    - The above, ARChived (much smaller), binary(8).
   PD:<CPM>FILES.DIR  - Abbreviated list with only directory and file names
   PD:<CPM>FILES.IDX  - Similar to below, no descriptions, comma delimited

There is currently no complete listing of all files, with descriptions.
That is in the process of being created and will be announced when
available.  In the meantime, see PD:<CPM.FILEDOCS>CPMAUG01.LST (ascii)
or CPMAUG01.LZT (crunched) which is a complete listing of all CP/M
files on GEnie, each with a one-line description.  Since SIMTEL20 and
GEnie have many of the same files, this will be a very useful listing.
It is updated monthly.

Note: to save space in the following listing, the device name PD: which
normally appears ahead of the directory name has been omitted.

<CPM.APPLE>PCPI-UG.1Z2          2176  Applicard Newsletter #102
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIAS11.AZM         5760  Applicard Z3 AUTOST w/Alias Fix
<CPM.APPLE>PCPICLK2.LBR        18944  full-screen Clock/Cal for PCPI
<CPM.APPLE>PCPIGRLR.LBR         2816  Applicard/Grappler 8th-bit Driver
<CPM.APPLE>PCPITIME.LBR         3584  PCPI/DS1216E/Turbo Modula-2 support

<CPM.ARC-LBR>LT23.LBR          39296  File typer/extractor/decompressor

<CPM.ASMUTL>PRETTY23.LBR       28800  Reformat assembler languange source
<CPM.ASMUTL>XREF36.LBR         46720  Cross reference for assembler lists

<CPM.AZTEC-C>AZPIPE10.LBR       5632  Pipes for Aztec C, v. 1.06

<CPM.BASIC>ASTROLOG.LBR        10368  Horoscope planet position calculator
<CPM.BASIC>POKER.BZS            4480  Poker card game for MBASIC

<CPM.BBS>PCP-FCC.LBR           50048  More info on FCC access charge issue

<CPM.BBSLISTS>RCPM0987.LBR     42496  Remote CP/M system phone list, Sept.

<CPM.BDSC-4>CURLY.ARK           4552  Check for unmatched curly braces

<CPM.BKGROUNDER>BG2WYSE.LBR    28288  Wyse terminal driver for BG-II

<CPM.CALCULATOR>HPCALC12.LBR   37120  Full function HP calculator

<CPM.CATLOG>DMASTER.LBR        24320  dBase file maintenance program
<CPM.CATLOG>LCAT20.LBR         56320  Library Cataloging Utility ver 2.0

<CPM.CCP>HIST197.AZT            3072  Author's article/info on HIST197

<CPM.CPM3>CPM22EM.AZM           5760  Emulate CP/M 2.2 for CP/M 3 systems
<CPM.CPM3>CPMPADD4.LBR         41984  Display key locations in CP/M+ system
<CPM.CPM3>NULL.LBR              3200  Create -DISK.number files for CP/M+
<CPM.CPM3>QS-CPM3.ARK           2545  Set/reset file attributes in CP/M 3

<CPM.CPMINFO>EASYBDOS.LBR      69376  3-part tutorial - Understanding BDOS

<CPM.DBASEII>DBMUSIC.LBR       20992  Dbase II Music Management system

<CPM.DIRUTL>FILE23.LBR         14592  Finds files on all drives/user areas
<CPM.DIRUTL>SD124.LBR          62336  Super Sorted Directory utility

<CPM.DSKUTL>FIRE12.LBR         67328  Cleans up fragmented disk

<CPM.EPSON>FXPRINT.ARK          6912  Epson FX-80 printer setup pgm.

<CPM.FILEDOCS>CPMAUG01.LST    135364  PD CP/M file list, sorted w/desc
<CPM.FILEDOCS>CPMAUG01.LZT     70400  PD CP/M file list, sorted w/desc
<CPM.FILEDOCS>ROYALOAK.DZR     21120  Listing of RCP/M RoyalOak directories

<CPM.FILUTL>CITCRC11.LBR       24320  CRC check using CCITT polynomial

<CPM.GENASM>AREA13.LBR         14976  Find location by areacode or city

<CPM.GENCOM>CLNDR.LBR          14976  Twelve month calendar for any year

<CPM.GENDOC>ILISP.NZT            896  ILISP 2.0 user report of 2 bug fixes
<CPM.GENDOC>TV803FB1.LBR       18304  Info about TeleVideo field bulletins

<CPM.GENIE>GENIEFCC.ARK        38702  GEnie info - FCC modem fees proposal

<CPM.GRAPHICS>RDUMP10.LBR      33664  Display Run Length Encoded graphics

<CPM.HAMRADIO>NETWORK.LBR      12928  RF filter/network/trans. line design
<CPM.HAMRADIO>NOVICE1F.LBR      7800  FCC NOVICE test video or printer

<CPM.IMP>I2AE-1.AZM             7168  IMP Overlay - Action Enterprises
<CPM.IMP>I2RY-1.AZM             7296  IMP Overlay - Royal Alphatronics

<CPM.KAYPRO>KPLD517U.LBR       26112  Kaypro video text file display
<CPM.KAYPRO>KPVID.LBR           2304  Kaypro programs use screen functions
<CPM.KAYPRO>VT100KAY.LBR       16768  VT100 emulator for Kaypro

<CPM.LIST>BANNER.LBR           23424  Print banners with large letters
<CPM.LIST>BARGRAPH.LBR         23936  Configure/print bar graphs on Kaypro
<CPM.LIST>BRADFONT.LBR         10112  Disassemble Bradford font files
<CPM.LIST>BRFONTS.LBR          14336  Fonts for Bradford printing program
<CPM.LIST>FANFLD10.LBR         39808  Print on both sides of paper
<CPM.LIST>FANFOLD9.FZX           512  Patch to FANFOLD's PAGELENGTH option
<CPM.LIST>FANFOLD9.LBR         83712  Print on both sides of paper
<CPM.LIST>FILEPL31.LBR         61568  Print plots using Dot Matrix printer
<CPM.LIST>FONT-FOG.LBR        123264  Multiple font banner printer
<CPM.LIST>GEEFONT4.LBR         34560  Fonts with MAKEFONT compiler
<CPM.LIST>LINEPAGE.LBR         17280  Page formatter for use with DBL

<CPM.MEX>MEXOVL09.LZT           4096  list of 230+ overlays for MEX
<CPM.MEX>MXO-DM20.AZM          11264  MEX Overlay - NCR DecisionMate V
<CPM.MEX>MXO-RT10.AZM           7552  MEX overlay - RV 3451 autodial modem
<CPM.MEX>MXO-XE34.AZM          20736  MEX Overlay - Xerox 820-I/820-II

<CPM.MISC>APL-Z.ARK            58255  An APL interpreter for Z80 CP/M

<CPM.MODEM>CRC.NZT              4608  Notes on calculating CRC values
<CPM.MODEM>HAYS9600.TZT         5248  Hayes Smartmodem 9600 baud info
<CPM.MODEM>YMODEM5.DZC         26240  XMODEM/YMODEM/MODEM protocol doc
<CPM.MODEM>ZMODEM5.DZC         49792  Improved XMODEM file xfer protocol

<CPM.MODULA2>MTMOD2.LBR         8192  A selection of Modula-2 programs

<CPM.NEWS>NEWS-007.LZR         28544  PRACSA News Letter -- July

<CPM.PACKET>DEDPK87.ARK        97499  WA8DED firmware - PK87 packet radio
<CPM.PACKET>DEDTNC1.ARK        44836  WA8DED firmware - TNC-1 packet radio
<CPM.PACKET>DEDTNC2.ARK        60248  WA8DED firmware - TNC-2 packet radio

<CPM.PBBS>PBBS3BUG.RZT          2944  Problems with PBBS3 and BYE510
<CPM.PBBS>PUSER16.LBR          14848  Display PBBS user data

<CPM.RCPM>PUBTOOL1.LBR         22272  Search RCP/M off-line catalog
<CPM.RCPM>RDIR15P.LBR          18048  DIR gives transfer time at baud rate
<CPM.RCPM>RUN201.LBR            6144  Run programs not normally accessible
<CPM.RCPM>XFRTOOL3.LBR         83584  Report on KMD or XMODEM logs
<CPM.RCPM>ZFILE5.LBR           23168  Scan all drive/user areas for a file

<CPM.STARTER-KIT>-FILES.DOC     8326  Info re files in SIMTEL20 CP/M dirs.

<CPM.SYSUTL>BIOSCLK.LBR        13696  Sets BIOS clock for Ampro
<CPM.SYSUTL>CPMADDR.LBR         4992  Display key locations in CP/M system
<CPM.SYSUTL>DSTAT10.LBR        12160  Displays info of disk control blocks
<CPM.SYSUTL>MIMIC.LBR            768  Mimics keystrokes to screen
<CPM.SYSUTL>RAMMAP.LBR          2816  Displays key CP/M locations.
<CPM.SYSUTL>REDIR31.LBR        33152  I/O redirection utility
<CPM.SYSUTL>SGEN2.LBR           8960  SYSGEN CP/M for 3 or more tracks
<CPM.SYSUTL>TOOLS.LBR          43904  Collection of CP/M utilities

<CPM.TURBOM2>M2ASTRO.LBR        4736  TurboModula-2 Astronomy Module
<CPM.TURBOM2>M2DSCLK.LBR       17792  Full-Screen DateStamper Clock
<CPM.TURBOM2>M2DSIEVE.LBR      15104  DateStamper timed Sieve in TM2
<CPM.TURBOM2>M2DSTIME.LBR      17664  DateStamper access via TurboModula2
<CPM.TURBOM2>M2TRIG-2.LBR       4224  Turbo Modula-2 Trig/Math Functions

<CPM.TURBOPAS>BGBALPAS.LBR     11520  Checks for balanced comment brackets
<CPM.TURBOPAS>MAZE.LBR          9728  Maze generation algorithms
<CPM.TURBOPAS>QUBIC32.LBR      21248  Tic-Tac-Toe game in a 4x4x4 cube
<CPM.TURBOPAS>XLIST62.LBR      51968  Cross-reference listing for Pascal

<CPM.TXTUTL>DIF-SSED.DZC        2432  Documentation for DIFF and SSED
<CPM.TXTUTL>DIF22.LBR          19200  Unix-style file comparison tool.
<CPM.TXTUTL>FNCVT2.LBR          2560  Format file for use with Magic Print
<CPM.TXTUTL>SSED22.LBR         12416  Stream editor used with DIF
<CPM.TXTUTL>TOCOL.LBR         132224  Convert documents to multiple-column
<CPM.TXTUTL>TXTCOM2.LBR         9856  Converts ASCII test to COM files

<CPM.VDOEDIT>VDE261.LBR        60160  Full screen text editor/processor

<CPM.WSTAR>WS4CPM.NZW           5376  List of features for WordStar 4.0
<CPM.WSTAR>WS4CPM.PZ            2816  Announcement of new CP/M WordStar
<CPM.WSTAR>WSCTRL-Y.IZF         1920  Changing CTL-Y delete in WordStar

<CPM.XEROX>NEWKEYS.LBR         13056  Xerox 820 key redefinition program

<CPM.Z280>ZDAM-100.DZC          3328  Maintain directories and catalog
<CPM.Z280>ZDAM-101.DZC         17536  Maintain directories and catalog
<CPM.Z280>ZEDUX280.LBR         26624  Information about ZEDUX Z280 board

<CPM.ZCPR33>EASE10.LBR         28544  ZCPR3 Command Line Editor
<CPM.ZCPR33>FOR-SUPP.LBR       37504  Z-system FOR and K-FOR
<CPM.ZCPR33>IOPUG.LBR          49792  ZCPR3 I/O Package User's Guide
<CPM.ZCPR33>LDR16.LBR          13056  Gen-purpose ZCPR3 package loader
<CPM.ZCPR33>LED02.LBR           9856  Z3 Line Editor
<CPM.ZCPR33>LPUT.LBR           31488  Automated LBR maker for ZCPR3.
<CPM.ZCPR33>MATH24.LBR         17280  Math subroutines and macros for Z80
<CPM.ZCPR33>NDRCHG10.LBR        3200  Rename a ZCPR3 named directory
<CPM.ZCPR33>SH20.LBR           24064  Illustrates shells under ZCPR3
<CPM.ZCPR33>VALIAS11.LBR       30848  Loads a Alias command line buffer
<CPM.ZCPR33>XALIAS11.LBR       24448  Enhanced Z3 ALIAS variant
<CPM.ZCPR33>Z3INS14.LBR         9344  Install ZCPR33 System Utilities
<CPM.ZCPR33>ZAPG.SZ            26112  ZCPR3 Applications Programmer Guide
<CPM.ZCPR33>ZEX32.LBR          33664  ZCPR submit processor replacement
<CPM.ZCPR33>ZMANG20.LBR        48256  Latest version of ZMANAGER
<CPM.ZCPR33>ZRDOS12.DZC         5888  Changes to ZRDOS Version 1.2

<ZSYS.NEW>Z-NEWS.7Z9            6656  ZCPR3/SYSLIB/ZRDOS Newsletter #709
<ZSYS.NEW>Z-NEWS.8Z1            9216  ZCPR3/SYSLIB/ZRDOS Newsletter #801

<MISC.BBS>BIX727.TXT-FCC       16814  Info from BIX about FCC access charges
<MISC.BBS>CIS-FCC.NOTE          7269  Info from CIS about FCC access charges
<MISC.BBS>COMMENT.TXT-FCC      14691  Comments of FCC proposal from a few BBS
<MISC.BBS>FCCWRITE.TXT         18151  Form letter to write to the FCC

<MISC.BBSLISTS>UNIQUE13.BBS    21426  Unique BBS systems phone list

<MISC.GENIE>ALERT.ACT           3359  Info of FCC Proposal from GEnie
<MISC.GENIE>COMMUNIC.ATE        3335  Communicate to FCC about Access fees
<MISC.GENIE>CONGRESS.ADR       40694  Congressmen address to write about FCC
<MISC.GENIE>PROPOSAL.FCC       31786  FCC proposal of phone access fee
<MISC.GENIE>SENATORS.ADR        6435  Address of US Senators to write on FCC
<MISC.GENIE>WRITE.LTR           7193  Article on new FCC proposal

<MISC.HAMRADIO>BICYCLE.HAM     19862  Ham tours country with electronic bike
<MISC.HAMRADIO>CODETEST.HINTS   7426  Hints on passing the FCC code test

<MISC.IBM-VM>ARCBOOT.EXE       35312  IBM VM/SP library utility bootstrap
<MISC.IBM-VM>ARCUTIL.LBR       60672  IBM VM/SP library utility
<MISC.IBM-VM>VMS.TCPIP          2915  Where to get TCPIP for VMS

<MISC.MODEMS>DUCK-MODEM.REVIEW  7344  Review of ADC "Duck" modem
<MISC.MODEMS>HAYS9600.TXT      12183  Hayes Smartmodem 9600 baud info
<MISC.MODEMS>MODEM.LIST         5396  Information on 2400 baud modems
<MISC.MODEMS>MULTITECH.UPGRADE  1149  Firmware fix for Multitech modems
<MISC.MODEMS>PDRS-ANS.TXT       5893  Further discussion about PDRS
<MISC.MODEMS>PDRS.TXT          24472  Public Digital Radio Service

<MISC.PCPURSUIT>-READ.ME        1602  Info of FCC Proposal from PC Pursuit
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>ANALYSIS.1     10123  Telenet's analysis (1) of Access Fees
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>ANALYSIS.2     22490  Telenet's analysis (2) of Access Fees
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>CMNT-FMT.FCC   16019  Comments of FCC proposal from Telenet
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>CORP.LTR        3817  Letter to Telenet corporation customers
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>DOCKET.FCC     39002  FCC docket on Proposed Access Fees
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>LTR-FMT.FCC     8520  Form letter to write to FCC
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>PCP-CITY.LST    4178  List of local numbers for PC Pursuit
<MISC.PCPURSUIT>PURSUIT.LTR     4822  Letter sent to PC Pursuit customers

<MISC.PROTOCOLS>XMODEM-CRC.NOTE 8879  Information on use of CRC in XMODEM
<MISC.PROTOCOLS>ZMODEM5.DOC   103675  Improved XMODEM file xfer protocol

The following are all part of Chuck Forsberg's XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM
file transfer program, written in C, for Unix/Xenix/etc.

<MISC.ZMODEM>GZ                   15
<MISC.ZMODEM>MINIRB.1           1223
<MISC.ZMODEM>MINIRB.C           4232
<MISC.ZMODEM>PTEST.SH            123
<MISC.ZMODEM>RBSB.C            14091
<MISC.ZMODEM>README             1904
<MISC.ZMODEM>RZ.1               6939
<MISC.ZMODEM>RZ.C              26275
<MISC.ZMODEM>RZ.MAN             7898
<MISC.ZMODEM>SZ.1              10981
<MISC.ZMODEM>SZ.C              32353
<MISC.ZMODEM>SZ.MAN            12474
<MISC.ZMODEM>ZM.C              14821
<MISC.ZMODEM>ZMODEM.H           5610
<MISC.ZMODEM>ZUPL.T              729

--Keith Petersen
Uucp: {bellcore,decwrl,harvard,lll-crg,ucbvax,uw-beaver}!simtel20.arpa!w8sdz
GEnie: W8SDZ
RCP/M Royal Oak: 313-759-6569 - 300, 1200, 2400 (V.22bis) or 9600 (USR HST)
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