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Date   : Thu, 10 Sep 1987 09:04:00 EDT
From   : Stride 440 User <HELLER%cs.umass.edu@RELAY.CS.NET>
Subject: Re: S100 68000 hardware (CP/M-68K)

> From: Ken Wallewein <kenw%noah.arc.cdn%ubc.csnet%RELAY.CS.NET@simtel20.arpa>

>   And I'm beginning to wonder what's so special about CP/M-68K. As far
> as I can see, it's not compatible with all my CP/M-80 stuff... what do
> you use it for?

CP/M-68K is just another O/S.  It *IS* somewhat compatable with CP/M 2.2 in
that the file system is the same and O/S (i.e. BDOS/BIOS) are compatable
(same function codes, simular data-structures - an FCB is an FCB).  True,
at the assembly language level things are not compatable, nor are executable
files, that is .COM files from CP/M 2.2 won't run under CP/M-68K, nor will .68K
files run under CP/M 2.2, however, if you have a dual CPU system, it makes
sense.  This not really new:  there are a varity of CP/M-80/86 system around
(CompuPro/Viasan makes one, the old DEC Rainbow 100 is another).  

On a related issue:  Mince does exist for CP/M-68K.  Mark Of The Unicorn may
not admit its existance (just like DRI may not admit the existance of
CP/M-68K, or even the existance of the 68000 :_)).  I have Mince for
CP/M-68K (really).  I also have a PD 8080 (CP/M 2.2) emulator for CP/M-68K.
It is not super fast (runs 8080 programs at about a 2Mhz equivelant clock
speed on a 10Mhz 68000), but works.  I use it mostly for an UNARC program
(nope, there is not ARC for CP/M-68K). 

If you are interested in CP/M-68K software, I have written/adapted quite a
pile of it. Including a LU program, extended directory program, extensions
to Mince, FidoNet, a BBS program (adapted from UNaXcess), XModem, Kermit,
(both XModem and Kermit are Stride 400 series dependent, but can be hacked
for your serial ports), and much else. Some of it is on Simtel20, GEnie,
BIX, a little on CompuServe, and most is available for downloading on my BBS
(Locks Hill BBS, FidoNet 321/148, 617-544-6933, 7:30PM to 8:00AM Eastern
time, 300/1200 BAUD).

               Robert Heller
ARPANet:       Heller@CS.UMass.EDU
BITNET:                Heller@UMass.BITNET
BIX:           Heller
GEnie:         RHeller
FidoNet:       321/148 (Locks Hill BBS, Wendell, MA)
CompuServe     71450,3432
Local PV VAXen:        COINS::HELLER
UCC Cyber/DG:  Heller@CS
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