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Date   : Wed, 16 Sep 1987 07:29:09 GMT
From   : ihnp4!ihlpg!timborn@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Tim Born)
Subject: Help! Problems installing AE Z-card w/ Sider

I recently purchased the Applied Engineering Z-card for my Apple ][+ 
w/ Sider as a replacement for my Microsoft look-alike which did not 
support the Sider.  AE claims the Z-card works w/ the Sider.

I'm looking for anyone who may have encountered this problem before.  
I need to know how to get around it - AE appears incapable or 
unwilling to provide support.  

I follow the installation instructions (to the letter, or any number 
of variations) but it still fails.  The place it fails is during the 
APATCH12 program, shortly after it asks for a one liner to be executed 
on start up.  The instructions indicate that the APATCH12 program is 
supposed to give a message like "PRESS RETURN TO REBOOT" and then 
everything is hunky-dory.  I never get that message, and what's even 
stranger, the APATCH12 program is accessing the floppy drive and never 
touches the Sider.  I would have expected it to write some changes on 
the Sider at some point.  

(Note: the Sider works - it has DOS, ProDos and UCSD up and running).

Needless to say, my AE card isn't doing me much good.  I've contacted 
AE seven times - five phone calls and two letters over a two month 
period.  At one point they were able to duplicate the problem over the 
phone and agreed that some of the APATCH12 programs were flaky and I 
should send them my disk for a replacement, so I did.  Now they have 
changed their mind, saying that they cannot reproduce the problem that 
they already demonstrated(!).  No indication as to when a solution or 
a replacement disk would be forthcoming, and all this while my 
warranty is tick-tick-ticking away, and I'm not even able to use the 
Z-card.  Bloody terrific.  

If anyone has a similar configuration and knows a work-around, I would 
be ever grateful.  If anyone knows some magic for getting AE to 
respond to letters, that would be almost as good.  

Tim Born
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