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Date   : Thu, 04 Feb 1988 09:14:07 PST
From   : Bridger Mitchell <bridger%rcc@rand-unix.ARPA>
Subject: DateStamper

Thanks for the kind words about DateStamper, Margaret.

>> It took some time to go through and verify that none of the addresses
>> used in the BDOS by DateStamper were in conflict with the numerous
>> patches I have made myself (I could have used the "non-standard BDOS"
>> version, but I hate to waste memory).  It would have been nice if they
>> had provided a list of address they alter.

DateStamper's several internal patches into the standard DRI CP/M 2.2
BDOS require that the BDOS file functions operate exactly as in DRI's
released version, and be located exactly at those addresses.
DateStamper also patches the BDOS exit routine.  The exact patches
have evolved through several versions, and it wasn't possible to
get them into the printed manual.

The "long" or "non-standard BDOS" version of DateStamper patches only
the entry to the BDOS.  It has proved compatible with quite a variety
of CP/M 2 emulators  -- ZRDOS, P2DOS, Z80DOS, Apple, ...-- but
requires about another 0.25K. 

>> They reference a number of PD routines they have modified to work with
>> DateStamper (MCAT, XCAT, APPEND, TOUCH, MAKE, EX14A, etc.) and say they
>> are "available on various bulletin boards."  Anyone know if any of these
>> routines ever made it into the SIMTEL20 archives.?  Sure wish I had
>> source code (sigh!). 

An increasing number of public-domain utilities are supporting
DateStamping, particularly for file copying, directory listing, and
disk cataloging.  The ones you list are available on the DateStamper
Toolkit disk from Plu*Perfect Systems.  More recent ones include:

  CR23D and UNCR23D -- crunch/uncrunch
  PPIP -- file copy
  SAVSTAMP -- save create datestamp when editing,...
  ZFILER -- file utility

Jay Sage's RCPM (617-965-7259) has a number of these.

EX14a fixes EX14 (in-memory batch command processor), which wouldn't
run with any sort of RSX.

As a side note, DosDisk, which has just started shipping, provides
datestamping for files on MS-DOS disks when run on a
DateStamper-equipped system.  The distribution disk includes upgraded
directory (SDD) and file maintenance (DATSWEEP) utilities that
display/use/manipulate the MS-DOS datestamps.

Finally, you'd asked earlier about QP/M.  It's a (Z80) CP/M 2.2 BDOS
emulator by MicroCODE Consulting that has been used principally, I
believe, on Kaypros and Zerox 820-I upgrades.


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