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Date   : Wed, 01 Nov 1989 03:19:00 GMT
From   : cs.utexas.edu!wuarchive!texbell!nuchat!moray!urchin!f88.n106.z1.fidonet.org!Howard.Gerber@tut.cis.ohio-state.edu (Howard Gerber)
Subject: misc. Osborne questions

 KL>   I just got a couple of Osborne 1's, and now...questions, questions,
 KL> questions...
 KL>   First off, they came with an external monitor, but no plugs to go
 KL> on the vidoe connectors to activate the built in monitors.  I'm going
 KL> to see if the last owner has them and just forgot to send them, but
 KL> in case he doesn't, does anybody know how to make them?
 The external monitor adapter, if I remember correctly, is more than just 
connectors and cables.  Ok, I just opened up my adapter. It contains an 
MC14528 integrated circuit, 5 resisters, 2 diodes, 3 capacitors, and 2
transisters. Its a little too complicated for most people to duplicate.
 I suggest you try to buy one. Maybe you can even talk me into selling mine.
 Wait, a minute. The original Osborne external video monitor did not require 
the adapter. It just plugged into the port marked "DO NOT REMOVE THIS 
CONNECTOR WITH POWER ON".  The low cost, standard composite video monitors
do require an adapter to plug into that port, such as the DAPTRON VIDEO
ADAPTER that I have. These adapters were not made by Osborne.
 KL>   Next, one of them has an internal modem; what sort of commands does
 KL> it respond to? 
 The internal modem is a primative, pulse dial, 300-baud unit. I have one
good one and a dead one.  I'd be glad to make you a copy of some software
that can address that modem, but be aware that the modem is really no winner.
 KL> And somebody said something about an 80 column upgrade;
 KL> any source for these?  Or for high density drive upgrades?
 Most of the 80 column upgrades involve soldering a number of connections
to the main circuit board. They generally aren't something that you can
easily install.
 KL>   And, lastly, is there an ftp site for cp/m software (yeah I know I'm
 KL> really reaching now!)
 Huh? What does "ftp site" mean?

 * Yours for the Revolution, Howard

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