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Date   : Wed, 26 Sep 1990 03:38:22 -0400
From   : ac959@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Subject: AZTEC C

From: ETRMG@lv.sait.edu.au
Subject:   AZTEC C
Resent-To: ac959.at.cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Resent-Date: Thu 20 Sep 1990 12:02-MDT

I sent a letter to them about a year ago to an address in
Microcornucopia from about that era (82) Anyways, It bounced and I
found a new address, (I'm not sure if it's different!)  But was going
to give it another shot.  I just really want the manual since I've got
the floppies & system stuff.  I think my compiler is stuffed because
it doesn't like Semi-colons at the end of lines!?  And spaces either.
Also, I just need a good reference over all.  Thank you for your help.
I'll get my version; I think It's 1.05?

See ya, Ronn


Hello Ronn, 

I've got a copy of the AZTEC II C (v 1.05) manual that you can 
buy for $20.00 (including S&H in the USA).  I've had it for some 
time and I never really got to use it, so I might as well let 
someone who wants it get to use it.
Also, I sell the MIX 'C' compiler for CP/M.  It is a full K & R 
implementation of the 'C' language that comes with a 
tutorial/manual which, in my opinion, alone is worth the price 
of the package.  Price of the package is $20.00 plus $5.00 for 
S&H in the USA (CA must add sales tax).  It's a true bargain for 
the beginning and intermediate 'C' language programmer.  Since I 
support TeleVideo CP/M systems on my BBS, I only 'stock' the 
software on TeleVideo (5.25" DD,DS) formatted disks.  If you 
cannot transfer to your disk format, I can put the software on 
almost any UNIFORM supported format for $2.50 per disk (2 disks) 
or I can arrange for you to download the software from the BBS 
directly to your computer.  

If you are interested in either or both of the above items, you 
can contact me in one of the ways listed below.  Take care.

 Ed Grey  \*\  Sysop of The Grey Matter BBS & RCP/M 213-971-6260
 P.O. Box #2186  \*\  Bitnet: ac959%cleveland.freenet.edu@cunyvm
 Inglewood, CA 90305  \*\  Internet: ac959@cleveland.freenet.edu
 USA     \**\     (213) 759-7406     \**\     Fidonet: 1:102/752

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