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Date   : Fri, 12 Jun 1992 00:03:14 GMT
From   : micro-heart-of-gold.mit.edu!mintaka.lcs.mit.edu!ogicse!emory!athena.cs.uga.edu!fuller@bloom-beacon.mit.edu (James P. H. Fuller)
Subject: Re: Kaypro Liquidation

gjw1@ellis.uchicago.edu (Gregory J. Watson) writes:

> but also still in use.  More seriously, if I upgrade my 386 (sorry,
> but I still actually have MS-DOS versions of Perfect Writer, The Word
> Plus, and a few other things on it :-) to a UNIX machine, I was thinking
> of using the old Kaypros as terminals.  My brother is still using one
> of the II's for nearly all of his stuff.

and wieland@ea.ecn.purdue.edu (Jeffrey J Wieland) responds:

> I've used my '84 2X as a terminal at 19200 bps.  How, you ask?  Interrupts!
> If you have a copy of Mite that came with your Kaypro, you're all set for
> speedy communications.  Mite is pretty bogus as far as scripts goes, and
> my version lacks the nifty long packet Y- and Z-Modem stuff, but it gets
> the job done.  And it uses interrupts to avoid dropping characters.
> Their is a P.D. program on Simtel20 in the Kaypro directory (called 
> fastterm or something *term) that also uses interrupts, but it can't
> perform file transfers, and you have to reboot your Kaypro when you
> are finished.  The source is there too for your hacking pleasure.

     There's always kermit, which for terminal purposes does very reliable
VT100 emulation and also has a file transfer protocol (not the fastest that
ever was, but at 19200bps you probably won't notice.)  I'm still trying to
make kermit-80 work on the Z80 card in me auld Apple but kermit-65 runs
fine on the 6502.  Wants interrupts *and* xon/xoff to keep from dropping
characters at high speed, however, and the combination of the two means that
19200 isn't noticeably faster than 9600.  One of these days I'm going to
hide the Unix box under the table and tell people I have the first AppleII
in the Known Universe to hit Dhrystone 20,000....

     Has anyone else tried to build CP/M kermit-80 from the files on

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